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Boring Rainy Day? No Way! How To Keep Kids Happy Indoors

With Singapore aiming to be the world's greenest city, families are spoilt for choice when it comes to activities and outdoor spaces to enjoy.  But what happens when the skies grow dark and the rain clouds gather? For some parents, this can be a really difficult time to entertain the kids without having to resort to DVDs or tablets for the day.  Fortunately, help is at hand - with a little imagination and creativity you can have a fun, affordable day at home and even work in a few gentle learning opportunities. Kids of all ages can enjoy a brighter day whatever the weather.

Throw a party

Everyone loves a party, so why wait for a big occasion?  A recent survey by the Families for Life Council found that Singaporean families would love more time together; so call nearby grandparents, cousins or aunties and throw a party!  To encourage them to write, you could even ask your child to help you make simple invitations.  Keep the food easy and fun and let your children help you decorate the room with balloons or fun paper flowers. You can encourage social skills and a sense of belonging with traditional party games such as charades with teams of adults and kids, or hide small packs of sweets or toys for a fun indoor treasure hunt.

Make a scene

As Singapore looks to encourage creativity in students, you can develop your own budding artists at home.  Take a scene from their favorite story book - whether it’s a jungle, a pirate ship or a wizard’s school - and help them bring it to life.  You could paint pictures, make animal masks or even dress up and play as those characters. It’s always worth saving items for these sorts of projects, from old bits of elastic to buttons, sequins or cardboard boxes.  You never know when they’ll come in useful, and it teaches kids to re-use things.

Calling all chefs

A rainy day can be the perfect opportunity to encourage your child to join you in the kitchen.  A simple activity like baking can be perfect for making everyone feel involved, whatever their age.  An older child may like to read and measure the ingredients, whereas younger helpers might enjoy stirring things together and putting out the paper cases for cupcakes.  Teaching your children the joy of cooking at home can also help with budgeting and healthy eating in later life.

A rainy day needn’t mean grey moods at home.  With a little inspiration you can create happy memories and positive learning opportunities without having to spend a fortune or resort to turning on the TV.  It’s also a great chance to catch up with friends or family you might not see that often. So next time the skies darken, you can smile: rain or shine, you’ll have a great time.

Karoline is a freelance writer with a background in child psychology. She left that job to spend more time with her own children and now offers advice to other parents through her writing. – Karoline Kristoff -

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