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Why do I need a special bra

At Mothercare we understand how important it is to be wearing a well fitted maternity bra, both during and after your pregnancy. That's why we work directly with midwives and pregnant women when designing new bras, ensuring we provide you with complete comfort and support.

Maternity & Nursing Bra Guide

Bra Measuring & Fit Guide

When will I need a maternity bra?

A maternity bra helps support the delicate tissue of your breasts. You'll start to need extra support as early as eight to ten weeks into your pregnancy, when your breasts will start to feel tender. Our maternity bras are designed to help prevent the overstretching of ligaments in the breasts.

Our personal fitting service

Every Mothercare store has staff who have been specially trained to fit you professionally throughout your pregnancy. By understanding your individual needs, they can assess your changing shape and size - ensuring you get perfectly fitting bras that give you the support your body needs, at every stage of your pregnancy. Your body is undergoing dramatic changes so it's crucial to be re-measured every six to eight weeks (or whenever your bra feels uncomfortable).

Remember: your bra size can change up to 4 times during your pregnancy so our expert bra-fitters are available in-store to measure you throughout your pregnancy.

Did you know that during pregnancy your bra size can change as many as four times? Or did you know that your breasts may increase by an incredible two pounds in weight?

Having a well-fitted bra that suits your changing shape has never been more important. That's where Mothercare and our team of expert bra advisors can help.

You'll need to have your first bra-fitting at about week six, then go for regular fittings every six weeks or so as you'll just keep on getting bigger. Finally, at about 36 weeks, it's time to be fitted for a nursing bra.