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baby slings

Mothercare offers a range of baby slings. A sling provides a convenient way of transporting baby for those who choose them as their preferred option. This page contains information to assist parents in using baby slings correctly and safely.

A baby sling provides a convenient way of transporting a baby. But, to make sure the product is used safely, it is best to follow the advice below when using a sling indoors or out and about. Our advice for using slings, in particular for a baby under four months, is:

  • mothercare slings are designed to be used for full term healthy babies. For babies under the care of a paediatrician, seek advice before using.
  • babies should be carried in slings in the same position they would be in if you cradled them in your arms;
  • baby should be carried at carer's chest height and no lower than the waist. Adjust the sling to fit the size of the carer and ensure sling fits securely for the carer and the baby.
  • baby's face should be visible at all times and not covered by body or by fabric. Ensure baby's face is pointing outwards with plenty of ventilation. This also means baby should be carried on the carer's front, not back.
  • regularly check that the baby remains in the correct position.
  • be particularly vigilant when using a sling with a young baby, or a baby with a heavy cold.
  • always read and follow the instructions and product labelling for the sling. These are designed to inform you how to use the product safely. Remember that all slings are designed to have slightly different features.

please also remember:-

  • when you first use a baby sling please ask someone to help you so that you can practice putting the sling on and off etc. Check the sling on a regular basis to ensure no parts are worn or broken.
  • take care not to let baby get too hot or cold when using a sling. Remember your body also creates warmth for baby. Layered clothing for baby is ideal, so layers can be removed or added depending on the environment and when moving indoors to outdoors. Be aware that the thickness of the sling fabric can also affect baby's temperature.
  • always keep one hand free when using a baby sling to protect you and baby should you suddenly need support.
  • take care of your back. As baby grows consider their weight. If baby gets too heavy, swap to another transport option.