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cot bed safety

This page contains the latest information to ensure parents receive the best and latest advice about using (dropside cot) and cot beds safely.

Using a dropside cot (or cot bed) can make getting your baby in and out of the cot much easier. To make sure the product is used safely – it's best to follow the latest advice to keep your baby content, safe and secure.

  • set the cot up on a level and stable surface. Assemble the product in accordance with the user guide.
  • check that all cot fittings are tight. Check regularly and re-tighten as necessary. Only use fittings supplied with the cot.
  • check to make sure the drop side operates smoothly.
  • ensure that bedding used within the cot does not restrict the movement of the dropside. Do not force the dropside when lowering, it is a two action mechanism, please refer to the user guide for correct operation.
  • regularly check the dropside for signs of wear or disengagement. If the dropside is damaged or does not function in accordance with the user guide, stop using the cot. Contact Mothercare to obtain correct replacement parts. Never attempt a repair, always fit the correct replacement parts in accordance with the user guide.
  • if you are dismantling the cot for future use, ensure all parts are stored flat. Store the fittings and user guide in a sealed bag, with the cot.
  • always make sure the cot mattress fits the cot or cot bed correctly.
  • all Mothercare cots and cot beds comply with the latest European standard EN716:2008 and British safety standard BS 8509:2008