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home safety

Babies and children up to 4 years old are the age group at most risk of having an accident in the home. But most household accidents are avoidable. You can minimise the risk in your home by getting hold of a few essential safety items, following this helpful advice and using plenty of common sense.

essential products...

  • smoke detector
  • baby safety gates and fire guard
  • non-slip bath mat
  • harness and reins
  • first aid kit and guide book
  • storage containers for toys to prevent trips and falls
  • socket covers
  • listening monitor
  • carbon monoxide
  • gas alarm
  • room thermometer

other recommended safety products...

  • play pen
  • cupboard catches
  • door slam protector
  • safety film for glass
  • cat net for pram pushchair
  • magnet drawer or cupboard lock
  • fridge/freezer lock
  • humidifier
  • air purifier
  • corner protectors
  • dvd shield

ways to prevent accidents...

  • supervision – this is so important, especially in new surroundings e.g. on holiday or visiting relatives.
  • take care at busy times of the day – you may be distracted e.g. at meal times, bedtime or getting ready to go out.
  • fit home safety products – e.g. Install safety gates at the top and bottom of stairs to prevent a fall.
  • learn basic first aid – so you know what to do if your child has an accident.
  • take care at busy times of the day – you may be distracted e.g. at meal times, bedtime or getting ready to go out.
  • be fire aware – always fit a smoke detector and use a fire guard (plus know how to escape in the event of a fire).
  • watch for older children playing near babies or toddlers.
  • a safety harness for the highchair or when out and about with an energetic toddler (with the additional reins) can help keep your little one safe.
  • remember to always supervise your baby at meal times. Babies can even try and tip their highchair by pushing on kitchen units or walls close by.
  • a monitor offers parents peace of mind. As soon as baby wakes, you'll know about it. Please remember though monitors are an aid, they aren't intended to replace adult supervision.
  • hot drinks can scald a baby even after 15 minutes, so keep them well away from babies and out of young children's reach.

common dangers... and how to avoid them

  • falling and tripping – remove toys, fit a baby safety gate, and always supervise on stairs.
  • burning and scalding – always test bath water, and never let children play close to the cooker / oven area.
  • drowning – never leave a baby or young children alone in the bath and always use a non-slip mat.
  • suffocation/strangulation – keep cats away from bedrooms, remove blind/curtain cords well away from your child's reach. choking – babies love putting things in their mouth, so remove older children's small toys from the floor, and keep household liquids and medicines safely out of the way.
  • keep deflated balloons well away from babies and young children – they pose a real danger if swallowed.

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