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why you should buy a new mattress for each baby

There are many reasons why it's best to buy a new mattress for every new baby, including:

  • comfort
  • spinal support
  • safety standards
  • hygiene
  • baby's general health

Recent medical research suggests there may also be an increase risk of cot death if a baby is sleeping on a mattress previously used by a baby from another home.

This seems to be largely down to the bacteria that can be found in used cot mattresses. The research is not saying there is a definite risk from used mattresses but the way of avoiding a potential risk is to use a new mattress for every new baby.

Remember to always follow normal sleep safety advice:

  • sleep your baby on his or her back
  • make sure your baby does not get too warm

the dangers of second hand infant or child car seats

The issue of using second hand car seats is frequently raised by parents and whether it can ever be safe to buy a second hand car seat. Road Safety Officers and Health Professionals understand that parents can be tempted to buy second hand but the risks and dangers are just too high for many reasons:

  • you do not know the history of the car seat and whether it's been in accident (even a minor accident can damage the internal structure of the seat and make it dangerous to use).
  • the car seat may not conform to the latest European Safety Standards
  • cleanliness and hygiene can be an issue (certainly for a newborn baby)
  • lack of instructions and how to fit the seat in your car correctly will not be an option if you buy second hand.
  • in the event of an accident a second hand car seat may not provide the right level of protection for your baby or child
  • in the event you do decide to buy second hand you need to completely trust and know the person who is selling the item to you. If you are in any doubt about the product (and for your own peace of mind) do not buy it – it's just not worth the risk.

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