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  1. How do I create a gift registry?

    • Sign in to your account (create one, if you do not have an account) and click on the gift registry page.
    • On the gift registry page, click "create gift registry" and select the gift registry type
    • After selecting the type, you will be required to fill in details of your event and shipping address
    • On the “edit gift registry” page, do note that the recipient’s information is the information of the receiver/organiser of the event .
    • Once all the details are filled up on the gift registry page, remember to click “save”.
    • To add items in your gift registry, simply browse Mothercare SG and add the products you want to your shopping cart.
    • After you have placed all the products in the cart, click “view basket” then click “view your basket in full”, you will see the list of items that you have chosen.
    • On the checkout page, after shipping details, select the gift registry that you have created and click "add all to gift registry".
    • You will then be directed to your “gift registry items” page, you may edit the quantity or remove the products, do remember to click “update gift registry” button after you have made changes.
    • To enable your gift registry, click “gift registry” at the left side panel, under “general information”, select the Privacy Setting as “Public”, and Status as “Active”, then click “save”.
    • Once it is active, you can share the gift registry with your family and friends by clicking “share” button on the “gift registry” page.
    • On the “share gift registry” page, fill in your details and recipient’s information.
    • After adding all the recipient details, kindly click “share gift registry”, your friends and family will receive the gift registry via their email.
  2. Will my orders be shipped together?

    • Every order that your family or friend purchases is sent to you as a separate delivery. The orders are not aggregated.
    • Our normal delivery lead time is 3-5 working days, we do advise early order placements to ensure your gifts arrive on time for your event.
    • The gifts are sent to your shipping address by default.
    • Each order will come packaged in a box or bag. We currently do not offer gift wrapping services online.
  3. How can I share the registry?

    • From your gift registry page, click "share" to share your gift registry, kindly ensure your gift registry is set to the status of “Public” and “Active”.
    • On the “share gift registry” page, you may fill in your friends and family’s email address.
    • Do note that each recipient information need to be keyed in individually.

  4. My friends and family did not receive the email, what should I do?

    Kindly check if the gift registry email is in the junk or spam folder. You may also share the gift registry with them again and ensure the email address is correct. Should the issue persists, do email us at online@mothercare.com.sg with your full name and mobile number.

  5. I received a gift registry link from my friend, how do I go about placing order for the items?

    • From your gift registry link email, click on “Mothercare SG” link, you will be directed to a page to register or sign in to your account.
    • Once you have signed in to your account, refer to your gift registry link email and copy the link of the gift registry location, you will be redirected to the “gift registry info” page.
    • On the “gift registry page”, you can view all the items that you may purchase, simply add the quantity you would like to purchase and click “add to cart”.

  6. My friends or family are overseas. Can they purchase the items in my gift registry?

    Yes, they may fulfil the items in your gift registry. However, our customer support team would need to help them with their checkout - they can contact us at online@mothercare.com.sg.

  7. How can I check if the products on my online gift registry are fulfilled?

    You may check by logging into your account, click “my gift registry”, followed by clicking “manage gift” button, a list of your products will be reflected indicating the quantity fulfilled.

  8. Can the gift registry be used both online and at offline stores?

    We currently do not offer a registry that can be used both online and offline. Gift registries created online is valid for online purchase only.

  9. Can the gifts be shipped overseas?

    We do not offer international shipping.

offline gift registry

  1. Can I set up a gift registry at a Mothercare store?

    We currently do not offer this service at our stores.