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Mothercare launches 10,000 sq ft experience store; set to reinvent baby retail scene with new features and services

Revamped mega store located at HarbourFront Centre to feature world’s first experiential concept, which includes a stroller test track, baby wearing zone, baby gear cleaning services, and nursery advisors.

When it comes to shopping for baby products, parents often find themselves in a quite a conundrum: they desire options, but become confused when presented with many; they seek opinions, but aren’t quite sure which to heed; they want the best, but are limited by price. With the launch of its experiential store and introduction of new services aimed at parents both new and experienced, baby retailer mothercare hopes to resolve this, and take the stress out of baby shopping.

Mothercare’s new concept store at HabourFront Centre promises shoppers a visual and tactile experience that will help you make better purchasing decisions. The incorporation of ‘real life’ elements – such as stroller test tracks, weighted baby dolls, and airplane overhead cabins – allow shoppers to properly test out products before purchasing them; inspirational nursery room sets let parents envision how the new additions to their nests may look like.

Experience Mothercare

Stroller test track

Imagine the typical sales engagement for someone looking to buy a baby stroller: The staff runs you through the basic features of the product and provides you with a demonstration. You test it out by folding and unfolding it, lifting it to gauge how heavy it might be, and perhaps give it a good shake for good measure.

Herein lies the irony. While you would spend most of your time, post-purchase, ferrying your baby out and about in the stroller – in malls, on the sidewalks, along the streets, you name it – most of us don’t actually test out this aspect of the product.

By incorporating a stroller test track and weighted baby doll to the product demonstration, mothercare has re-engineered its sales space and process. In doing so, parents are now better equipped with the right testing environment in their search for the ideal stroller, which allows them to make more informed purchase decisions.

Airplane cabin

Cabin-approved strollers are quickly rising to popularity, especially amongst Singaporean parents who are extremely mobile.

At mothercare, you can find the widest range of cabin-approved strollers in Singapore which has been specially curated to cater to the needs of your little jet setters. The stroller test area is also fitted with model overhead cabins, so that parents can test out the weight and compatibility of the products.

Baby wearing zone

It is not easy to choose the right carrier before the arrival of your baby. However, with the right tools like weighted baby dolls, mothercare provides a suitable purchase environment for you to make the right decision.

The new baby wearing zone comes equipped with 2 different dolls – a newborn and a 1 year old, so that you are able to assess the fit and comfort of the lifespan of a typical baby carrier. The weighted doll also allows parents to practice wearing the baby carrier in a realistic yet risk-free environment.

Dream nursery

A nursey is more than a just a place of rest for your child. Yet, as parents go about creating their baby nursery, one of the only items that would intuitively come to mind is the cot. It is hard to begin thinking about the others – be it the play gym, changer, or the baby bouncer – without being able to visualise how the space might look like. The Dream Nursery corner at mothercare's store, designed to reflect the typical apartment size in Singapore, helps parents visualise the placement of essential items in their nursery. Covering both possible configurations:

  1. The dedicated baby nursery, and
  2. The bedside nursery within the parents' room

These specially styled nursery sets also serve to inspire parents on what products they might want in this space.

Nursery advisor – Singapore’s baby concierge

The store is also host to mothercare’s Nursery Advisors – trained and certified in-store staff whose role is to guide parents through the overwhelming amount of information, answer the 101 questions first-time parents may have, and help mummies and daddies navigate through the world of baby products.

The 3-step consultation process begins by first understanding your lifestyle demands, before educating you about the relevant product categories, and finally shortlisting the items which best suit your needs. Beyond being your personalised shopping concierge, the programme is designed to help parents make informed purchase decisions under the guidance of professionals, so that they can focus on the more important aspects of their parenting journey.

Here are some common pain-points that parents-to-be are faced with:

  1. Information overload
    • Wrong/outdated opinions from friends and family
    • Too much conflicting information online
    • Online information tends to be more US/Euro focused
    • Asian product preference quite different
  2. Often waste money buying unsuitable products
    • Don’t know where to start
    • Unfamiliar with product landscape
  3. Time-starved
  4. Expert advice in SG retail is hard to come by

Sparkle clean – Stroller & baby gear cleaning service

Conceptualized for repeat customers and VIPs, Sparkle Clean is a baby equipment cleaning service now available at mothercare HarbourFront.

Baby equipment cleaning can be a vexing and time-consuming chore, which discourages most parents from doing it often enough. With babies, mess is inevitable, and routine sanitization is necessary to prevent their gear from becoming a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Dirt often gets trapped in hard-to-reach areas, and it takes a lot of effort to disassemble and clean the multiple components of these strollers and car seats.

This service was specially conceived to give time back to parents, by allowing them to entrust this frustrating yet essential task to the professionals. This releases them to spend time on the more enjoyable aspects of parenting.

Parents are now able to get their gear cleaned and sterilized in-store, any day of the week. Mothercare VIPs will be given the privilege, for a limited time only(t&cs apply) to enjoy free cleaning services when they visit the store.

ELC Play Area

Any parent will know that shopping with kids can be quite an exhausting experience. They often get restless in the boring and unfamiliar spaces, and resultantly start to clamour for your attention (along with the attention of many other shoppers). Prior to embarking on the store’s revamp, mothercare conducted a design-thinking workshop to identify the various factors that would better the customers’ shopping experience. Participants, parents themselves, highlighted their appreciation for the play area in mothercare's stores. They shared that these play areas create a more enjoyable shopping experience, for both kids and parents alike.

With the refurbishment, mothercare's experience store at HabourFront Centre now boasts a bigger and improved play area. As the customer-centric retailer dedicate more space to improving the experience of its shoppers, the upgraded play area – decked with toys from Early Learning Centre – is definitely a feature one can look forward to at their next visit.

About Mothercare

Mothercare started trading in Singapore in 1984. Today, we have 11 stores island-wide, with our new flagship-turned-experience store located at Harbourfront Centre, level 3.

Mothercare showcases a variety of products – from children’s furniture, strollers and car seats; to baby & kids fashion and toys. We have the largest range of Mother & Baby equipment in Singapore.

With a strong reputation in specialism, quality, safety and innovation in our products, we also match that with excellent services for mothers, mothers-to-be, parents, babies, and young children. Parents need more than just products, they need wisdom. Here at mothercare, we pride ourselves on having the products and the people to assist you in this rewarding experience, called parenting.

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