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Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier One 3D Mesh - Vintage Rose

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Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier One Air is carrier designed to make babywearing significantly cooler for you and your baby. It’s made almost entirely from an airy 3D mesh and this helps to cool the places most prone to perspiration – the parts of the baby carrier closest to you (the shoulder straps) and your baby (between their legs). Mesh fabric is softer and more lightweight than many other materials, so it’s easy for you to see and feel that you’re carrying your baby in a natural position, with their back in a C curve.


features & benefits
  • Airy and cool mesh that dries rapidly
  • 4 front and back carrying positions
  • Inbuilt infant insert - 2 height positions available
  • Ergonomic leg position
  • Padded shoulder straps and pressure-relieving waist belt for superior carrying comfort
  • Adjustable head support
  • Hip-friendly baby carrier (tested hip healthy by International Hip Dysplasia Institute) - provides the correct support to your child’s hips and encourages good hip joint development

whats in the box
  • 1 x Baby Carrier One Air

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4 front and back carrying positions
Choose whether you want to carry your child facing in (two height positions), facing out or on your back.

3D Airy Mesh material
3D Mesh has been developed specifically for our baby carriers and is designed to suit young babies. The fabric consists of three layers: a super-soft mesh next to the baby skin, a durable, a non-elastic mesh on the outside and a layer of filling in-between. Instead of padding, which can make a baby carrier bulky and too warm, the filling in the middle layer consists of a fine, single-fiber thread that gives the baby carrier the stability of padding, yet ensures a very good air flow, so it stays airy and cool when your baby wearing.

Built-in infant insert
Baby Carrier One has two height positions. Use the upper height position for newborns (at least 8 lbs/3.5 kg) so your baby is carried in the correct position close to your face. Your baby should be close enough for you to kiss the top of their head.

Ergonomic leg position
The wide, fully adjustable seat area ensures a comfortable and Ergonomically correct position for your child hips.

Pressure-relieving waist belt
The wide, sturdy waist belt gives you excellent pressure relief and good babywearing Ergonomics.

Adjustable head support
The head support protects newborns and gives the correct support until they are able to hold their head up unaided. For older babies, you can also keep the head support unfolded when your baby is resting or sleeping in the baby carrier. You can easily fold it up or down and adjust the firmness of the support it provides.

Back carrying for your toddler
As your child grows heavier, back carrying in the baby carrier will be a more comfortable option for you. We recommend that you only start to carry your child on your back after the age of 12 months since you will not have the same degree of supervision.

Easy and safe back carrying
With your child sitting facing in, you can easily swivel the entire baby carrier from your front to your back. Its comfortable and you can do it by yourself. The design of the baby carrier ensures that your child sits safely and securely while being moved to your back.

Hip-friendly baby carrier
The International Hip Dysplasia Institute has tested Baby Carrier One and acknowledges it to be hip-healthy. This means that the baby carrier provides the correct support to your child hips and encourages good hip joint development, which is especially important in your child first months.

What makes the new Baby Carrier One Air different from previous versions?
The fabric is more flexible, and lets you both see and feel that you’re carrying your newborn baby in a natural position, with their back in a C curve.
You can now select an even wider maximum seat area for your baby than you could in previous versions. The fully adjustable seat area means that you can adapt the seat width perfectly for your baby.
The head support is higher, so it gives a newborn baby more protection and neck support, and also provides better support for an older baby who’s fallen asleep in the baby carrier. You can adjust the firmness of the support it provides.
New, super-soft 3D mesh makes Baby Carrier One Air feel even more comfortable against your baby’s delicate skin. The on-trend hole pattern is different to previous versions of Baby Carrier One Air.
Baby Carrier One Air is now made almost entirely of mesh. This sets us apart from many other manufacturers that only have mesh details. We’ve created a special mesh that’s soft enough for young babies yet strong enough for daily use. You won’t find these benefits anywhere else.
A new design that feels more like a big soft hug for you and your baby. The baby carrier is now more flexible, so babywearing brings you and your baby even closer!

care instructions

  • Baby Carrier One Air complies with both European EN 13209-2:2015 and American ASTM F223 safety standards for baby carriers.Materials in contact with skin meet requirements of OEKO-TEX Standard 100, Class 1 for baby products

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