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Shop Baby Fashion Accessories at Mothercare Singapore

Whether you’re welcoming a baby of your own into the world or looking for the perfect baby gift, you can find all your infant and baby fashion accessories here on Mothercare Singapore. With adorable styles in pastels, animal prints, and stripes, our range of baby fashion accessories is designed with super soft fabrics and seams to prevent skin irritation. We also carry a line of scratch mittens, bibs, headbands, and other baby accessories in the cutest designs. A delightful range of shawls, hats, wrap vests, and baby headbands for girls complete our baby fashion accessories edit.

Doll Your Baby Up in Cute Fashion Accessories

Get set for your little bundle of joy with must-have baby accessories for baby girls and boys. Whether in an air-conditioned room or bringing your baby home from the hospital, it’s essential to keep your little ones warm and covered so they stay comfortable. At Mothercare Singapore, we understand that your baby is not quite used to the elements, hence we stock a selection of baby hats and mittens to keep your little one’s hands and head warm as well as protected. Super cute, practical, and soft, our selection of baby hats and mittens are the perfect accessories to help keep the warmth in and protect your baby from the cold wind or crisp air.

While there is no denying that babies are extremely delightful, the same cannot be said about the mess they make. This can come in the form of dirty diapers or baby clothes soiled with food. Throughout parenthood, teaching your baby how to eat solids is one of the most enriching moments. However, keeping the food off your baby’s clothes can be rather tricky. But, with baby dribble bibs, you can easily keep foods from messing up your child’s adorable clothes.

Discover essential shawls for bath time and blankets to keep them warm at naptime that can sometimes double up as the perfect playmats for them to roll around in. Don’t forget multipacks of cotton mitts for those first few weeks as well.

Let your journey begin with us. Shop our wide range of baby fashion accessories for your baby at Mothercare Singapore today. You can also reach out to our friendly and experienced Digital Nursing Advisors via Whatsapp and enjoy complimentary help to ease you into parenthood.

Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Accessories

1. Why do I need mittens for my newborn?

There are several reasons why this baby fashion accessory is helpful for newborns and their parents. Babies have sharp fingernails that can easily scratch their skin, especially if they need cutting or filing. Infants also tend to move their hands toward their faces in jittery movements as they develop motor skills, hence this can easily lead to scratches and cuts. Putting mittens on while your baby takes in sights and sounds so that they will avoid unnecessary ouchies.

2. What is the difference between a dribble bib and a normal bib?

Dribble bibs are smaller than feeding-time bibs. The main purpose of this accessory is to keep the front of your baby’s top dry. Hence, the bib is just large enough to cover your baby’s upper chest and neck. If your little one has started crawling, having a dribble bib will keep your floors, and other surfaces stay drool-free.

3. Where to buy baby fashion accessories in Singapore?

You can purchase baby fashion accessories for girls and boys at any Mothercare store in Singapore. In addition to the above-mentioned baby accessories, we also carry a range of pacifiers and pacifier clips of various designs and sizes.