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Shop Baby Leggings at Mothercare Singapore

Let your little one wriggle, crawl, and walk in a snug pair of baby leggings from our collection. Stock up on leggings in pair-with-anything colours such as blue, pink, and white. Your baby will look extra adorable in prints and patterns too. You can choose from classic stripes, vibrant floral prints, and friendly animal graphics that will keep your baby looking cute and feeling comfortable all day. All of our baby leggings are specially designed to fit the unique needs of your little one – from fitting easily over a diaper to keeping them warm. Explore our full selection of leggings for newborns, infants, and toddlers.

Leggings for Baby Boys and Girls

Browse our playful and practical baby boy’s and girl's leggings to help make everyday dressing a breeze. Most of our baby leggings are also crafted from organic cotton to feel soft and comfortable on their skin. At Mothercare Singapore, we understand that many babies are developing really quickly, with their motor skills improving rapidly. As such, our selection of baby leggings provides their little, active legs with the perfect coverage and zero restrictions or irritations from the hard seams – allowing your baby to have complete freedom to explore the world around them and thrive.

The stretchy fabric of our baby leggings also offers your child a longer-lasting fit. Furthermore, the enclosed feet with toe-safe design also prevent loose threads from wrapping around their tiny toes and causing discomfort. This fashionable alternative to conventional baby pants and trousers is also ideal for pairing with dresses, t-shirts, and jackets. It is also comfortable for your little one to snuggle in during babywearing.

When your baby boy or girl moves on to the toilet-training stage, our baby leggings make an excellent choice allowing your child to develop their self-care skills without having buttons or zips in the way. Not to mention, our leggings are soft and easy to fold, allowing you to pack two or three pairs of spare in a bag without taking up much space.

Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Leggings

1. How to care for baby leggings?

A baby’s skin is very delicate; thus, parents are recommended to take precautions when washing baby leggings and other inner and outer garments. It is best to use gentle soap or detergents since they do not contain any stain-removal enzymes that might irritate your baby’s skin. In addition, if your baby has highly sensitive skin, you can consider switching to other detergents that have been specially formulated for babies to reduce the risk of inflammation. You should also refer to the washing labels on the baby leggings and other baby apparel to learn more about the ideal washing method – this helps to ensure the longevity of your baby’s clothes.

2. How do I choose the right pair of baby leggings for my child?

There are many varieties of designs when it comes to baby leggings – from the material used to colour, size, and style – they all may differ slightly. As your baby is still too young to decide what they like or might dislike, parents can opt for neutral styles in relaxing colours for daily wear. The most important thing is always to choose a lightweight and breathable material that is comfortable while allowing room for your baby to move around, play easily, and explore their surroundings freely. You should also ensure that the baby leggings you choose are ideal for Singapore’s tropical and humid climate.

If you’re still feeling unsure about your choice, you can always get free parenting and product advice from our friendly Digital Nursing Advisors via Whatsapp. Simply get in touch and enjoy complimentary help for your parenting journey.

3. What other baby bottoms does Mothercare Singapore carry apart from baby leggings?

Aside from comfortable baby leggings, Mothercare also carries a wide selection of baby bottoms such as joggers, jeans and trousers, shorts and skirts. Our baby bottoms can also be paired with our comfortable and stylish tops for babies. Shop more baby fashion products online or visit the nearest Mothercare Singapore store to see our products in-person.