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Shop Dresses for Kids of All Ages at Mothercare

For many to-be parents in Singapore, picking clothes for their newborn can be one of the most exciting parts of their journey. If you are expecting a little girl, you certainly have an abundance of baby dresses to choose from with all the prints, bows and fluttering frills. However, keep in mind that babies can grow incredibly fast, so to ensure you’re making the most out of your purchase, here’s what to look for when shopping for baby clothes.

How to Choose Baby Dresses for Your Little One

For starters, choose baby dresses that offer quality and convenience. For impromptu baths and easy diaper changes, it is important that the clothes are not only hassle-free to put on and remove, but can also last through many laundry washes to extend its use.

To guide you through the endless options of clothes, one useful tip is to first look for baby dress patterns and colours that are easy to match. You’ll want the different tops, bottoms and dresses to work easily with everything. Ultimately, the practicality of the clothes can take you a long way. Once you are fully equipped with the basic essentials, you can then start to explore fancy baby party dresses to get your little one ready for her first milestones and other celebratory occasions.

If you are shopping for baby dresses online, don’t forget to check the sizes beforehand. For a start, purchase baby dresses designed for 0-3 months old for your newborn. Easily find a store near you with Mothercare islandwide chains. We offer a full range of dresses for all ages, so you won’t have to start from scratch even as your baby grows.

Start Dressing Up Your Little Princess

If you’ve already decided on some dresses, why not complete her outfit with some of the most adorable accessories and a cute pair of shoes? Here at Mothercare, we’ve got you covered for trendy yet comfortable baby fashion. Start browsing our latest collection today!