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Comfortable and stylish baby pyjamas for a great sleep

Pyjamas are a great choice for babies to sleep in once they have outgrown the need for baby sleepsuits. Baby pyjamas come in a wide range of styles and sizes, making them perfect for little boys and girls. Choose from a variety of colours and designs for your babies, and let them sleep comfortably at night while staying fashionable and adorable. Check out Mothercare for the latest trends of baby pyjamas.

Frequently Asked Questions about baby pyjamas

Do my babies need pyjamas?

Sleep time for babies represents one of the most important building blocks, as they require up to 16 hours of sleep in a day. It is essential for babies to wear comfortable, breathable clothing that will help to facilitate sleep time. Baby pyjamas are a good choice, as they are designed for sleep time and come in multiple designs and sizes, making them a comfortable basic to add to any wardrobe.

How do I choose baby pyjamas?

Babies’ skin is delicate and may be prone to rashes and other skin conditions. As such, the material of the baby pyjamas takes precedence. Choose a pair of pyjamas for your baby boy or baby girl that is soft, lightweight, and of breathable material. Cotton is a good choice for new parents who may not be sure how to sieve through the plethora of material types available. The important thing is to look for a comfortable pair that is not too thick or thin, to optimally regulate your baby’s temperature.

How do I care for baby pyjamas?

Ensure that you first wash the baby pyjamas before you let your child wear them. Baby’s skin is delicate, and so by washing the pyjamas first, you are able to remove residue and any potential irritants. You may opt to use gentle detergents, which are easy on the skin but are robust enough to effectively remove bacteria or stains. For instructions on how to wash the baby pyjamas, please refer to the clothing washing label.

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