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Quality Baby Rompers in Singapore

Baby clothes come in so many shapes, sizes and designs. A popular choice among parents is baby rompers. Baby rompers are quick and easy to put on, which saves parents much needed time! They come in a wide range of styles and material; the choices are endless for parents, especially those who love to take photographs of their babies, perfect for memory making.

Frequently Asked Questions about Baby Rompers

Does my baby need a romper?

Baby rompers can be an essential part of a baby’s closet. It is a one-piece garment fashioned for both boys and girls, and can be incredibly comfortable. The key point of baby rompers is that they come with fasteners on the inside of the legs and around the crotch area, which makes it easier for parents to change baby diapers without having to take the whole thing off. It saves a lot of time, and is a perfect article of clothing for children who move around a lot.

What is the difference between baby rompers and onesies?

Both a romper and a onesie can be comfortable for babies to wear on the day to day, and both come with along the crotch area to make it easier to change baby diapers. However, the main difference is in the legs of the clothing - a romper has legs, while onesies do not. Baby rompers act has one piece of clothing, while onesies are top clothing - you have the choice of putting on baby bottoms for your baby.

How long can babies wear rompers for?

Baby rompers can last a long time depending on how you care for them. However, because these are one-piece clothing articles, they are not as easily repurposed, though they can be passed down. Generally, baby rompers will last you through the early infant months, coming in sizes meant for babies of 3 to 24 months.

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