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Lovely baby shoes for protected feet

One of the most fun parts about having babies is being able to dress them up in any number of ways. And no clothing ensemble is complete without shoes! Just like how adult shoes come in many different designs, shapes and sizes, the same applies to footwear options of your little ones. You can find this variety of shoes for your baby - boy or girl - online and in-store at Mothercare.

Frequently Asked Questions about Baby Shoes

When should my baby start wearing baby shoes?

As a general rule, your baby does not need baby shoes until they have started walking. If you decide to buy shoes before this, make sure they are soft, and only wear them when outdoors, and not for too long. If shopping for shoes that’ll complete an outfit, opt for those that are elasticated for a comfy fit or have a touch-close fastening so that it is not too restrictive.

Can babies wear hard-soled baby shoes?

Similar to the above, babies can start wearing hard-soled shoes when they are confident in their ability to walk. However, at Mothercare, you’ll be able to find a whole slew of baby walking shoes designed to support your child’s feet as they take their first steps - the Mothercare First Walker White Trainers are a great example of this. Soft and flexible baby shoes that function to protect their growing feet and keep them warm would otherwise be more ideal.

Should babies wear shoes indoors?

The short answer is yes, however, there are some things to take note of. As far as research goes, experts say that babies should spend as much time as possible being barefooted, in order to facilitate physical development. If you would like to put on baby shoes on your child, ensure that you allow them to take them off indoors, where they are free to play and frolic around, safely.

Shop for baby shoes at Mothercare

Not sure where to buy baby shoes? Look no further than Mothercare. Here, we understand our customers’ needs and have stocked up high-quality baby girl and baby boy shoes of many different designs and sizes on our online platform. While you peruse for a nice pair of baby shoes online, why not take a look at our collection of bodysuits or outerwear? You can get $5 off your first online purchase, as well as free delivery when you spend over $60. Alternatively, you may opt to collect your purchases from any of our Singapore outlets.