Cute Baby Shorts in Singapore

Baby shorts are one of the most comfortable articles of clothing for both baby boys and girls. Particularly in a hot climate like Singapore, baby shorts are breathable and provide ample room for babies to run around and play, without overheating them. Baby shorts come in many colours and designs, you are free to customise your baby’s fashion in many different ways!

Frequently Asked Questions about Baby Shorts

How do I choose baby shorts?

Baby shorts come in many designs and colours. In a hot country like Singapore, it is easily one of the better options for clothing for babies, to keep them from overheating. As with most baby clothes, material is an essential component when choosing baby shorts - you want the baby shorts to be breathable, lightweight and most importantly, comfortable to wear and move around. As such, cotton baby shorts are easily a popular choice. Please remember to consider baby diapers when selecting a size appropriate for your baby.

Should baby shorts be washed before wearing?

The short answer is yes. You must always wash a new pair of baby shorts before letting your babies wear them. This is because newly bought clothing may still contain residues and potential irritants. Babies’ skin is very delicate and prone to rashes and other skin conditions. Washing your new baby shorts will reduce the risk of inflammation for your baby, and keep them comfortable.

How do I care for baby shorts?

You may opt to use a non-biological enzyme detergent when washing baby shorts. These detergents are gentler for the skin, yet still perform effectively to remove stains and bacteria. After washing, baby shorts can be softer when using enzyme washes. As for how to wash baby shorts, please refer to the washing labels.

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