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Fashionable Sweater and Cardigans for your Baby!

If you love to dress your baby up, or have them mimic the latest fashion trends, then don’t skip out on baby cardigans or sweaters! These outerwear are lightweight and fashionable, coming in many different designs and sizes. Feel free to experiment and mix up your baby’s looks with baby sweaters and cardigans at Mothercare.

Frequently Asked Questions about Baby Sweaters and Baby Cardigans

Do my babies need baby sweaters and baby cardigans?

As new parents, you might be wondering if certain articles of clothes can be skipped upon when building your baby’s closet. In sunny Singapore, why would my baby need baby sweaters or baby cardigans? However, one must remember that newborns are delicate, and cannot yet regulate their temperature by themselves. It is thus important to have the necessary clothes to keep your baby warm, especially if you plan on letting them sleep in air-conditioned rooms.

How do I pair baby sweaters and baby cardigans?

The great thing about baby sweaters and cardigans is that they can be layered on top of other clothes like onesies, in order to make up a great look for your baby. If it gets too hot, you can take it off to cool your baby’s temperature. If it gets cold, you simply put on a baby sweater or cardigan. They can also be worn at night, if your baby sleeps in an air-conditioned room.

How do I choose baby sweaters or baby cardigans?

As with most clothes, the most important thing to remember is to choose baby sweaters and cardigans that are breathable and lightweight so as to help to regulate the temperature of your baby. They must be soft and comfortable so that your baby can easily move around in them as well.

Shop for baby sweaters and cardigans at Mothercare

With Mothercare, rest assured you will find premium quality baby sweaters and baby cardigans that will suit your baby boys and girls. While shopping for them, why not check out our bodysuits and sleep suits as well? Get $5 off your first purchase online, and free delivery when you spend over $60 to any address in Singapore. Alternatively, you can collect your purchases from any of our outlets in Singapore.