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The Perfect Baby Tops for Style and Comfort

With countless clothing options for children every season, it’s easy to get head over heels and gush over the cutest baby top designs. To ensure you’re purchasing tops that will be practical for the coming months or even years, here’s what you’ll want to take note of to better identify the necessities from the never-ending wishlist of clothes for your baby.

Buying Tops for Baby and Young Children - What to Consider

1. Make sure the top is comfy to wear

The rule of thumb here is to ensure that the material is gentle on the skin and prevents skin irritation. You’ll also want baby tops that are comfortable for Singapore’s humid weather. With that in mind, cotton makes a great fabric for children’s apparel as it is a naturally breathable material. Soft and stretchy yet strong enough to withstand many washes, this is why cotton is a favourite for baby and children clothes.

Additionally, our brands list down sizes that are ideal across various ages, so you can better decide on the right fit for your child.

2. Convenience is key

Kids can get messy at times and before it gets even messier, tops that are easy to put on and take off can make a difference. When shopping for baby tops, avoid items with multiple buttons and bows that may be troublesome to manage. Instead, you’ll find clothes with zippers and poppers or snap fastenings which come extremely handy for speedy outfit changes - so your child can quickly go back to play.

3. Opt for machine-washable fabrics

As adorable as babies are, they are magnets for messes, which is why machine-washable tops are an essential must-have for babywear. Machine-washable clothing requires much less effort to clean in the long run, saving you extra time and energy for a breather at home.

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