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Published on December 3, 2020 9:21:17 PM PST December 3, 2020 9:21:17 PM PSTrd, December 3, 2020 9:21:17 PM PST

Nursery buying guide for your baby in singapore

I’m sure one of the first things your mind goes to the moment you found out you were expecting is to prepare for your baby room – your little one’s nursery! We’re excited for you as you start getting ready for your growing family. From nursery sleeping essentials to swaddles for your newborn, our buying guide will give you the information to make the right choices.

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What goes into a nursery?

It is really up to you! it can be as simple or as extravagant as you want it to be! we know building your nursery is an exciting journey, but sometimes it can bring about the question, “is this item really necessary to get?”. so here are our top recommendations as to what is absolutely necessary for your nursery. you can use this as some sort of checklist to ensure your room is ready to welcome your little one.

Baby beds

Cots: These are a classic, and some can even last till the toddler years. cots might be your ideal choice if you have a smaller sized room, or if you do not want the room to feel cluttered. being slightly narrower than cotbeds, cots are a good feature element to give the room a more spacious feel. it might not be the easiest to move around, but find one with wheels and that will solve the problem. functionally, a cot with a drop-side panel is a good option to make it easier for you to pick your baby up.

Cotbeds: Cotbeds are typically slightly more costly than cots. being wider, with removable side panels, they can be transitioned in to a children’s bed maybe till the ages of 5 or 6. with it being more of a permanent feature of the room, this might be your ideal choice if you intend to use it beyond the toddler years, or even for future siblings.

Cribs: Cribs are smaller than cots and are suitable mainly for the newborn and infant stages. Many cribs comes with rocking mechanisms to help soothe your baby to sleep. a crib might be your choice if you need something more compact and portable, but expect to buy a second bed once your baby outgrows it.

Moses Baskets: Moses baskets function similarly to bassinets. compared to cribs, cots, and cotbeds, the main draw is its versatile and portable nature. It can be carried around, or converted into a crib, without taking up much space in your home. But, do keep in mind that babies tend to outgrow them after around 6 months.

Bonus baby sleeping tips:

  • Baby should sleep flat on their backs for the first 5-6 months
  • Keep the room cool and well-ventilated
  • Ensure baby’s head is uncovered during sleep
  • Stay away from falling asleep with your baby on a sofa or chair

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Buying the right mattress isn’t the most exciting, but it isn’t an aspect you’d want to give little thought on either.

foam mattresses: the essential foam cot mattress and foam cot bed mattress have become a popular choice for parents for their resilient structure and optimal level of support, which will provide baby with the support they need to grow and develop safely.
Tip: stay away from memory foam mattresses until your child is older, when their spine and muscles are more developed.

Coil spring mattresses: The classic alternative. their open coil springs and breathable polyester fibres provide both support and comfort. the mothercare coolplus spring cot mattress and spring cot bed mattress even come with a pvc waterproof tops and coolplus removable covers to help regulate temperature overnight.

Find out more baby mattress tips here, to find the best option for your little one.

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Baby bedding accessories

Pillows: As a general rule, you should only introduce baby to pillows after 18 months old. any earlier might put your baby at risk from dangers like suffocation. choose a good breathable baby pillow that is kind to your baby’s skin. stick to synthetic fibre or foam-based material to avoid skin issues. it should provide ample support, without being too firm.

Bed sheet: In singapore’s hot and humid climate, breathable and comfortable products also help prevent your newborn’s sensitive skin from getting irritated or overheated. High thread count quality bed sheets made from soft and breathable cottom can help babies settle quicker. Getting a waterproof protective sheet would also help in protecting the mattress you have.

Blankets: To prevent suffocation during sleep, newborns should not sleep with loose bedding for at least the first 12 months. the best fabric option to choose in our tropical climate would be cotton – it maximises breathability and regulates temperature well. a thicker fleece blanket might be a good option if you often tend to have the air-condition on, or for overseas trips.

Find out more about baby bedding here options.

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Swaddles and sleeping bags

Swaddles have been around since time immemorial, and now you can find modern versions in bright colours to suit your own style or the theme of your nursery. a swaddle or sleeping bag mimics the comfort of being in the womb, and can be a great comfort for newborns in particular. they can be used for sleep, or to calm down your baby when they’re stressed out or crying. however, they are not a suitable option for overnight sleeps. while swaddles should be snug to provide that comforting pressure, ensure that you do not wrap too tight and still allow some natural hip and leg movement.

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Changing units

Having a dedicated changing station in your nursery would help bring consistency to your baby’s routine as they can recognise it is nappy changing every time your child is on the change unit. it also helps arrange things for you as the parent, knowing that all your diaper changing essentials are kept in one spot, making it easier for those middle of the night emergencies. what’s more, you can choose a changing unithat matches the theme of your child’s bed, to give the room a nice aesthetic.

Here are more accessories you most likely need at your change station:

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Other nursery accessories

Once you’ve outfitted your nursery with the essentials, here are some other accessories to consider:

  • Sangenic bins: Sangenic bins are a lifesaver when you’re dealing with dozens of dirty diapers around the clock. the bin individually wraps each diaper in a multi-layer anti-bacterial film to stop germs and smells from escaping, so no foul odors are left lingering in your nursery.

  • Baby monitors: If baby is sleeping in a different room from you, a Baby monitor can help you check in on them without leaving your bed or potentially waking them up from their sleep. this can come in especially handy after the 6 month mark, or when you begin sleep training. (it helps reassure those first-parent nerves you get from being away from baby throughout the night too!)

  • Baby proofing accessories: Baby proofing is an essential part of getting your home ready for your little one, especially once they start crawling or walking. by baby proofing sharp edges or ‘dangerous’ areas like the kitchen and bathroom, you can empower your baby or toddler to safely explore the world around them without feeling paranoid or nervous that they might injure themselves.

  • Cot mobile: Cot mobiles are great for keeping newborns entertained during crib or cot time, and can even help lull them to sleep. as a newborn’s vision is still developing, look out for simple high contrast or textured toys to keep them entertained without overstimulating them.

  • Bouncers/Rockers: A baby bouncer is a good option during the day to place your child in, giving your arms a rest from carrying your baby everywhere. it gives you the flexibility to put your child near you while you need to go about doing your errands round the house.

  • Baby mat/Play gym: a Baby mat or play gym will come in handy during tummy time. tummy time is essential to building up their neck and shoulder muscles, and is also a great opportunity for bonding. tummy time can be started from newborn age, but do remember to always supervise your little one as their muscles are still developing.

  • Baby toys: Of course, you’ll need baby and toddler toys to help stimulate as well as entertain your baby. the type of toys you’re looking for will depend on the parenting style you wish to adopt, but mothercare has a whole host of toys to choose from including plush toys , wooden toys , and vehicle toys.

When and what should i start preparing?

Nothing is more satisfying than bringing your little one home to a completed nursery. however, this would mean that preparations for your newborn should take place several weeks before baby arrives, so that you don’t have to worry about furniture shopping during your post-childbirth or during the confinement period.

Here are some things we recommend to settle alongside your nursery, before giving birth:

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