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Building a brand-new wardrobe for your toddler now that he’s moved out of the newborn infant stage? One outfit staple you absolutely need to include is a good selection of boys’ underwear. Whether your little boy’s been fully toilet trained or is still using pull-ups, introducing him to proper underpants is an important step in helping him feel like he’s growing up and becoming a big boy. Getting your child used to underwear and innerwear such as boxers, briefs, or vests is also key to building up their independence, day-to-day skills, and confidence over time.

Choosing the Right Boys’ Underwear

Transitioning your child to proper underwear takes time, and should usually begin at some point in time during the toilet training process. Here are some signs that your child is ready to begin using underpants:

• They can pull down their dry diaper on their own

• They hide or want more privacy when using the toilet

• They can inform you when they have soiled their diaper or if they need to use the toilet

• They can go several hours without soiling or using a diaper

• They are able to remove their diaper before using the toilet

Once you observe these signs, you can begin to introduce kids’ underwear (whether briefs or boxer briefs) into the picture. Some boys don’t immediately take to wearing underpants, whereas others might be comfortable from the get go. As parents, it’s important to follow your kid’s cues and comfort levels so that the entire process feels natural and easy-going.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Boys’ Underwear

1. What age should a child start wearing underwear?

Many parents often introduce their child to proper underwear once they’re fully out of diapers, or during the later stages of toilet training. This makes it easier for your little boy to adjust to wearing underpants without also needing to deal with pull-ups or diapers. This change typically takes place between the ages of 18 to 36 months, although as his parents, you will understand your kid’s needs and capabilities the best.

Unsure of what underwear products are best suited for your child, or how you can include underpants into the toilet training process? Reach out to our Digital Nursery Advisors via WhatsApp for complimentary product advice and parenting tips!

2. What is the best underwear to wear for boys?

Boys’ underwear comes in several styles, materials, and designs. There is no one style that is considered the ‘best’ underwear to buy; instead, you should buy your child’s underpants based on factors such as comfort, sturdiness and durability, and size. Ultimately, what is considered ‘best’ for your child will depend on his own personal preferences and comfort levels. Explore more clothing options for young boys on Mothercare including tops and tees for boys, boys’ pants and bottoms, kids’ pyjamas sets, and toddler shoes.

3. Should boys wear briefs or boxer briefs as underwear?

There are benefits and disadvantages to wearing both briefs or boxer briefs, and the most suitable choice of underwear for your child will depend on his needs and preferences.

Younger boys who are still highly active may prefer the support of structured underpants such as briefs. Briefs also offer great mobility and range of motion so your little man can still run and jump around to his heart’s content. However, briefs may chafe or cause discomfort during sweaty situations, so you should take extra care to ensure your child maintains proper hygiene when wearing them.

On the other hand, boxer briefs can offer kids better breathability and comfort, especially in the hot and humid Singapore climate. However, they can be a bit more unwieldy due to their looser nature, which can make toileting a challenge at times. Nonetheless, with some practice, they can eventually become a great option for older kids to wear.