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Keep Meal Times Mess-free with Bibs from Mothercare

Bibs - one of the most important essentials for your little ones during mealtimes, especially when dining out. Bibs prevents stains on your baby’s clean clothes and keeps them clean even after a messy lunch dish such as a bowl of spaghetti bolognese.

Bibs are traditionally made of cotton and are basically a hanky that can be snapped around your child’s necks while they eat, but with the evolution of baby products, there are now many types of bibs available in Singapore for a variety of uses and occasions.

Types of Baby Bibs Available at Mothercare

Drool Bibs

Drool bibs look similar to a regular bib, but are highly absorbent since it is meant to absorb your baby’s drool. Drool bibs are perfect for babies who are still nursing since it can absorb milk dribble during feeding as well.

Feeding Bibs

The new generation of feeding bibs now come with a little pocket at the bottom to catch all the little carrots and peas that fall out of your toddler’s mouth. This way, you won’t have to worry about food falling all over the floor while feeding your child.

Smock Bibs

Smock bibs are essentially long-sleeved bibs that cover your baby’s entire outfit to their knees. Smock bibs can be challenging to put on, but keeps your little one clean and are useful for dressy events such as a wedding dinner.

Frequently asked questions about bibs in Singapore

1. How to choose the best bib for my baby?

Your child’s comfort should be of the utmost importance when it comes to choosing the right bib. It doesn’t matter if the bib is functional or looks good if your child chooses to yank it off during mealtime due to it feeling uncomfortable against their skin.

2. Should I buy waterproof bibs?

Waterproof bibs or silicone bibs at Mothercare are great for messy eaters since the bibs can be easily washed and dried in no time.

3. How many bibs does a newborn need?

Since newborns only drool or occasionally spit up, five to seven bibs might be enough for a week. However, if your baby spits up with every feeding, you might go through up to five dribble bibs a day.