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Buy Baby Bibs Online at Mothercare Singapore

Welcome to Mothercare Singapore, where you'll find a wonderful selection of baby bibs for your newborn infant and more. Whether it's a super soft dribble bib for your child’s enhanced comfort or adjustable snap bibs for that added convenience during rush-hour mealtimes, we've got just the perfect feeding solution for you and your little one both.

Our range of baby bibs includes cute designs in bright colours and patterns, each bib fashioned in a practical style that’s easy to wipe and keep clean. We also have adaptable bibs for babies that grow along with your child as a trusty feeding companion, plus extra absorbent options that keep even the largest of messes contained.

With such a range of quality materials and thoughtful details in our baby bibs, you’ll surely find what you need for your infant’s very first feed and more. Explore our catalogue today to find the perfect fit for your little one and buy online for free next-day delivery with a minimum spend of $60. Plus, don't forget: when it comes to cleaning up after meals, our range of babycare wipes is also always on hand.

Child-Friendly Baby Bibs Your Little One Deserves

At Mothercare Singapore, we strive to bring you the best in terms of both your child’s comfort and your convenience. With our curated range of baby bibs put together with this aim in mind, you get to pick from fuss-free feeding solutions that are easy to wear and even easier to clean up after.

Not only do our baby bibs come in an array of lovely designs, but they also offer added protection from spills and messes during meals, while being soft on delicate skin and commodiously machine washable. Coming in varying sizes from tiny to big and featuring materials such as muslin fabric and OEKO-TEX® certified 4-ply organic cotton, these baby bibs make for perfectly cute protectors from messy situations that can arise from your little one’s feedings.

Shop with us today to give your child the very best, and check out our other feeding solutions available online and in stores. From breastfeeding to sterilisation, food preparation, and larger bibs for toddlers, we have it all — and more — at Mothercare Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Bibs

1. What are baby bibs used for?

Baby bibs are used to protect your child’s clothes from food and drink messes when eating or drinking. They come in different materials, styles, and sizes to accommodate babies with varying needs.

2. How many bibs do you need for a baby?

It is recommended you buy at least three of four bibs for your baby. This allows you to always have one on hand when needed and makes it easy to switch out a dirty one for a clean one when necessary.

3. How to wash baby bibs?

Our baby bibs can be easily washed in the machine. For best results, follow the care instructions on the label of your bib and choose a gentle detergent. It is also recommended that you air-dry your baby bibs rather than using a dryer. Stain removers can be used to take out stubborn marks when needed.