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Little girls love playing dress-up, so why not let them? Add precious memory snippets to your baby album with your daughter looking her best. With over 50 years of experience for children and baby retail, Mothercare has the most fashionable wear for girls and is trusted among parents in Singapore for top quality and comfort. Our online store is an all-in-one place to shop where you can get complete outfits from top to toe like underwear, blouse and t-shirts, bottoms, and even fancy shoes or casual slippers.

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Fashionably Comfortable Clothes For Girls

Your child should have the freedom to move around actively, without struggling with uncomfortable problems that arise from restrictive clothing. However, fashionable clothes for girls that are decently pleasant to wear in sunny Singapore are hard to find. So to help you save time from searching, Mothercare brings the best brands to you.

Your baby girl will have breathable fashion outfits designed for style and the best comfort, even on her most energetic days in Singapore. Shop for a wardrobe made of soft cotton that is gentle on the skin, and colourful prints that capture the imagination of your little princess. Mothercare thinks of the intricate details for you, even down to sewn soft backs for embroidered tops to protect your little one from pesky skin irritation. By shopping with us, your little girl is guaranteed fashionable, comfortable clothes all year round.

Perfect For Any Occasion

Looking for the trendiest girl fashion for your daughter? Get a confident look for her, no matter the occasion!

A Pretty Day Out

Whether it’s going out for a formal dinner, or looking camera-ready for the family photo album, shop fancy dresses and make your child feel extra special for an elegant occasion.

Going To Bed

Comfortable sleep keeps your baby girl from feeling restless and fidgety the next day. Which is why it’s essential to get snug and cosy pyjamas, so your little one can get good nights and sweet dreams.

A Dip In The Pool

Have a fun activity planned at the pool? Shop for your little princess’s first swimwear with us!

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