Medela Swingmaxi & Carrier Bundle

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The double electric breast pump Swing maxi is perfect for all mothers looking for a simple and time-saving solution. Individually adjustable vacuum levels and quiet operation offer high comfort. Swing maxi is very compact, easy to use and clean. Now in a bundle which comes with the Medela Breastmilk Starter Kit, Isa Uchi Bottle & Food Warmer, Isa Uchi Breastpump Bag, Isa Uchi Breastfeeding Bibs, Isa Uchi Bean Pillow and Close Caboo DX+ Multi Position Baby Carrier +merino ideal for travelling mums.


features & benefits
    Medela Swing Maxi Double Electric Breast Pump:
  • More milk with higher energy content compared to a single pump
  • Simple and comfortable: easy-to-use pump interface with four buttons, small and portable
  • Double pumping with 2-Phase Expression technology: shown to express on average 18 per cent more milk
  • Saves up to two hours per day when exclusively pumping

  • Medela Breastmilk Starter Kit:
  • With Calma, the baby can drink breast milk while maintaining the natural rhythm, as milk flows only when the baby creates a vacuum by sucking. With Calma, there is no need to buy different flow teats as the baby grows, because babies regulate the flow themselves.
  • The Medela breast milk storage solution is easy and space-saving, with two 150ml breast milk bottles and five Pump & Save breast milk bags.
  • 12 Disposable Nursing Pads with soft, comfortable lining: super absorbent for long-lasting dryness.
  • Natural, hypoallergenic nipple and skin care with PureLan100: 7g of pure lanolin.
  • Quick Clean microwave bag to disinfect in three minutes. Eliminates 99.9 per cent of the most common bacteria and germs.

  • Isa Uchi Bottle & Food Warmer:
  • Bottle warmer heats single bottle of formula or milk quickly and evenly
  • Keeping water at right temperature for preparing formula milk or drinks
  • Designed for use with any types of baby milk bottle
  • Single button operation with 3 temperature setting for 35 - 85 degree C
  • Large heat compartment for better heat retention and bigger cup as baby grows
  • Input Power: 220-240V ~ 50-60Hz 80W

  • Isa Uchi Urban Breastpump Bag:
  • Easy to use; easy accessible bag with ample storage space. Perfect to cool, store and transport breast milk.
  • Ideal temperature; included in the bag, separate cooler bag specially designed to keep breast milk at ideal temperature up to 6 hours.
  • Multi purpose; suitable for Medela, Lasinoh, Philips AVENT, Evenflo, Playtex, Ameda, Tommee Tippee, The First Years, Spectra, Hygeia and other major brand in the market.

  • Isa Uchi Breastfeeding Bibs:
  • The breastfeeding bib is easy to use with an adjustable strap
  • Made from breathable material, it allows your child to breathe easily while feeding.
  • The unique curved opening allows a mother to monitor the baby while nursing.
  • Compact an folds easily to store in your bag

  • Isa Uchi Bean Pillow:
  • Light weight and hygienic
  • Providing a sense of security and comfort

  • Close Caboo DX+ Multi Position Baby Carrier +merino:
  • The DX+ merino has soft wide straps which spread baby's weight evenly across shoulders.
  • Clever merino panel inserts designed to help regulate baby's temperature in use.
  • Baby is held high in the advocated 'frog legged' or 'M' position.
  • Integral support panel at the back reduces strain and increases comfort.
  • Multiple hands free front carrying positions including discreet breastfeeding support and assisted back carrying position.
  • Height adjustable second pod and clever retractable shoulder clips provide cheek to chest head support for little one at all ages and stages as recommended by T.I.C.K.S.
  • Adjustable bottom strap cups the bottom and also supports behind baby's legs and thighs when used in the forward facing position.
  • Caboo dx+ adheres to the T.I.C.K.S. guidelines for safe baby carrying.
  • The DX+ merino is suitable for use from birth, 2.26kg and upwards.

whats in the box
    Medela Swing Maxi Double Electric Breast Pump:
  • 1x Swing maxi double electri pump

  • Medela Breastmilk Starter Kit:
  • 1x Calma
  • 2x Bottle 150ml
  • 5x Pump & save bags
  • 12x Disposable nursing pads - super dry and discreet
  • 1x Purelan 7g
  • 1x Quick clean - microwave bags

  • Isa Uchi Bottle & Food Warmer:
  • 1x Bottle & food warmer

  • Isa Uchi Urban Breastpump Bag:
  • 1x Urban breastpump bag
  • 1x Cooler bag (suitable for 250ml milk bottle
  • 6x Hot & cold pads

  • Isa Uchi Breastfeeding Bibs:
  • 1x Breastfeeding bibs

  • Isa Uchi Bean Pillow:
  • 1x Bean pillow

  • Close Caboo DX+ Multi Position Baby Carrier +merino:
  • 1x Caboo dx+ carrier +merino

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