Our brand is named after the Mimosa plant, whose flower symbolises International Women’s Day. We believe in empowering girls around the world and growing a new generation of strong women.

Mimosa was created to honour our grandmother, Poey Quee. She believed in access to education for every girl. Poey Quee’s dream was to become a teacher. But in the 1900s Singapore of her youth, few girls had the opportunity to pursue their education. Poey Quee’s schooling stopped with her hard-earned Cambridge school certificate. For the rest of her life, Poey Quee – affectionately known to us as “Mama” – would tell us, “The best gift you can give a girl is an education.”

Mama was a strong woman who lived through a world war and raised her children singlehandedly. With Mama’s support, her children studied as much as they were able to. While proud of their career achievements, she would always remind them, “You need to help others.”

Mama was the heart of our family. Through Mimosa, we further her dream of presenting girls with the gift of an education. Mimosa management commits to donating to 1 educational related cause annually. Your decision to buy a Mimosa product shares in our vision of giving back to society.

The Pang Family