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NUK Nat Sense Bottles The NUK Nature Sense Teat is as close to mother's breast as never before. It is ideal for mothers who cannot breastfeed or are breast and bottle feeding or for babies that are moving towards drinking from the bottle. The extra-wide and flexible lip rest of the teat allows baby to start drinking naturally and the innovative Anti-Colic valve allows for breast-like drinking and minimises infant colic caused by the harmful swallowing of air. The extra soft tip is flexible and fits into baby's mouth like a nipple. Not only do we consider the NUK Nature Sense bottle as the best NUK Baby Bottle ever developed but test results* show that both babies and parents think so too; 92% of babies accepted the natural-looking teat, 99% of mothers would recommend Nature Sense to others, and 98% of mothers confirmed that the tiny openings create a natural drinking experience.FREE NUK 50ml Bottle Cleanser Washing baby bottles with soapy water alone doesn't always remove ground in milk protein, pulp and juice residues, which can cause baby stomach upsets. In response to this problem NUK has developed the Baby Bottle Cleanser specifically for cleaning all types of baby bottles, soothers and accessories.


features & benefits
    NUK Nat Sense Bottle 260ml
  • Several tiny openings modelled on a mothers breast give an optimal, smooth and natural flow
  • Wide, flexible lip rest with extra-soft teat tip similar to a mothers nipple
  • Innovative anti-colic vent helps prevent air being swallowed
  • Bottle in high-quality polypropylene (PP) is hard-wearing and BPA-free, holds 260 ml
  • For children aged 6-18 months, Medium( 0-6mth- 6 tiny openings for formula)
  • NUK Nat Sense Bottle 150ml
  • Similar to NUK Nat Sense Bottle 260ml
  • Bottle in high-quality polypropylene (PP) is hard-wearing and BPA-free, holds 150 ml
  • For children aged 0-6 months,Medium (6 tiny openings for breast milk and water)
  • FREE NUK 50ml Bottle Cleanser
  • Easy to wash soap off
  • Child friendly!

whats in the box
  • 1 X unit of NUK Nat Sense Bottle 260ml
  • 2 X units of NUK Nat Sense Bottle 150ml
  • 1 X unit of FREE NUK 50ml Bottle Cleanser

care instructions
  • For safety and hygiene purposes we recommend that you replace teats after 1-2 months of use or whenever they start to show signs of wear. Prior to sterilisation we recommend using the NUK Baby Bottle Cleanser, its natural formula removes dried on milk protein, pulp and juice residues more effectively than hot soapy water alone. To sterilise bottles and teats we recommend using steam, cold water sterilisation or a NUK Steam or Microwave Steriliser. We do not recommend dishwasher sterilisation as this can cause material damage.

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