moses basket

Comfortable moses baskets for a good snooze

According to experts, moses baskets function as baby bassinets, making them perfectly safe for infants to sleep in, especially in their earlier days. Since sleep is an essential component for the growth of any baby, the comfort offered by baby moses baskets is ideal. They also come in adorable vintage designs, and in different colours, making them the perfect addition to any nursery, organically fitting in with any theme.

Frequently Asked Questions about moses baskets

Are moses baskets safe for newborns?

The short answer is yes. Baby moses baskets function in the same way that baby bassinets do, which means they are perfectly safe for newborns to sleep in. However, as with baby bassinets and baby cots, parents must also take the necessary precautions when selecting the right baby essentials and ensure that their babies are always sleeping in the right position. In addition, options like the Confetti Party baby girl moses baskets are designed with cotton-rich fabrics, an organic choice for parents looking to avoid chemicals associated with plastic furnishings.

Is it safe to place moses baskets on the floor?

Yes. It is safe to place them on the floor when your baby is asleep. They typically come with a flat base, making them stable and sturdy when placed on the floor. This reduces the risk of your baby toppling or falling over when they sleep. If you’d like to add a little height to it and have it be within reach when placed beside your beds, you also have the option of placing the moses basket on a specially designed basket stand. At Mothercare, some of our stands feature a smooth gliding mechanism that glides gently to soothe your little one. Easy to put together, these basket stands do not require much effort during assembly, given its simple instructions.

Is a moses basket or baby cot better for my baby?

Moses basket and baby cots serve the same function. They provide a comfortable designated space for your baby to sleep, be it day or night. However, there are some slight differences, which you can account for when deciding on the best option for your newborn and available space. Moses baskets are relatively smaller than baby cots, and they are lightweight and portable. This is good for parents who occasionally shift their babies from one room to another. Do take note, however, these baskets are most ideal for babies up to 6 months old.

Get your moses baskets at Mothercare

Mothercare moses baskets come in multiple designs and colours, perfect for parents who want an aesthetically versatile piece that will last throughout their child’s infancy. While shopping for these baskets, why not take a look at our moses mattresses or baby blankets and make it a set? Get $5 off your first purchase online, and free delivery when you spend over $60, to any Singapore address. You can also decide to collect your purchases from any of our outlets in Singapore.