Mothercare Baby Mattress - The Secret to a Good Night’s Sleep

When building your dream nursery to welcome your little bundle of joy, expecting parents in Singapore often overlook one of the bare essentials. That is - the baby mattress. Sure, it certainly isn’t the most exciting part of the project. However, it isn’t an aspect that you’d want to give little thought about either. Considering the amount of time that your baby will spend in his or her crib, buying the right mattress ensures a comfortable and safe environment for your newborn while enabling a good night’s rest.

Choosing the Best Baby Mattress in Singapore

In recent years, foam mattresses have been dubbed as the rising star among the mummies- and daddies-to-be community for its resilience, variety and competitive price points. Soft to the touch, while offering an optimal level of support, it is no wonder why foam mattresses are so popular.

However, be sure to steer clear of memory foam mattresses, as they aren’t necessarily the safest for your baby. While memory foam mattresses are designed to the contours of your body, and have been a hit among adults, they are too soft for babies and can result in suffocation or enhance the likelihood of rebreathing. Always keep in mind that a firm mattress is necessary to support your baby’s skeleton - no compromises here.

Apart from foam ones, coil spring mattresses also possess plenty of advantages - from offering better temperature regulation and edge support to more breathability.

In a quandary about what baby mattress to buy? We’ve got your back. With more than 50 years of experience in the sphere, Mothercare is here to navigate you through the adventures of parenthood. Simply book a complimentary appointment with our nursery advisors!

Quality Sleep Made Possible With Mothercare’s Baby Mattress

Like you, our team at Mothercare believes that your baby deserves nothing but the best in life. That said, you can rest easy knowing that the quality of our mattresses is exceptional, despite their competitive price points.

Embark on your mattress-buying endeavour by browsing our online catalogue or pop by our brick-and-mortar stores today.