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Keep Your Little One Warm With Swaddles and Sleeping Bags

Swaddle And Sleeping Bag - What’s The Difference?

A blanket that keeps your baby all wrapped up, swaddles are designed to mimic the comfort of being in the womb, making the transition easier for your newborn. If you just became a new parent, you may be starting to familiarise yourself with the reasons why your newborn cries. Sometimes, it could simply be that he misses your presence. A swaddle imitates the womb, giving off a mother’s touch to reassure your baby. Being swaddled retains that cocoon-like feeling, encouraging more peaceful sleep.

As compared to a swaddle, a sleeping bag has holes for the arms and legs, allowing your newborn to move his arms and legs. However, if you are concerned that he might be awakened by his own flailing arms and legs, swaddling helps to prevent startle reflex without restricting their lower body, ensuring hips and legs have enough room to move naturally.

After being in your womb for 9 months, your newborn may naturally cry a lot at the early stages as he is adjusting to this new environment. Putting him in either a swaddle or sleeping bag will help your newborn feel secure in unfamiliar surroundings. Additionally, it can be unavoidable at times that your newborn wakes up in the middle of the night. Both a swaddle and sleeping bag comes in useful in soothing your baby, providing extra warmth to get him back to sleep.

Sweet Dreams in MotherCare’s Swaddles and Sleeping Bags

You can give a swaddle or sleeping bag a try for the first 3 to 6 months and see if your baby still needs it as he becomes more active. It is crucial to look for the right swaddle and sleeping bag for your little one. As a leading global baby retailer, our swaddles and sleeping bags come with its benefits. For example, Clevamama Swaddle to Sleep allows natural hip and leg movement, helping to prevent hip dysplasia. Experience the perks of swaddles and sleeping bags with MotherCare today.