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Hygiene is at the top of every parent’s mind - and for first-time or newborn parents in particular, it can feel nerve-wracking thinking about how to keep your little one clean and healthy throughout their first few months of life. On top of babycare essentials and nappies, another important hygiene aspect to prepare for is sterilization.

Between baby bottles, teethers and soothers, and kid-friendly tableware, a good sterilizer will be one of your favourite appliances from infanthood to the toddler years and beyond. 59s is a world leader in LED sterilization products, and their mother and baby range is designed to be portable and easy-to-use - perfect for busy parents who are on the go.

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Safe and Effective UV Sterilization in an Instant

A key feature of 59s products is the speed at which they sterilize your baby essentials. Simply pop the pacifier, bottle, or toy in, press a button and in just a matter of minutes (or seconds!) it’s fully sterilized and ready to pass back to bub.

The 59S UVC LED Milk Bottle Sterilizing Box (Battery Version) - Blue takes just 3 minutes to thoroughly sterilize baby bottles, tableware, and other items with a 99.9% sterilization rate. 59s products use UVC LED technology which kills bacteria, viruses, and other harmful micro-particles using rays of UV light. This is especially important for milk bottles as you want to ensure that no remaining milk particles or bacteria remain that could affect your child’s health. UV light can also eliminate odours, meaning no more yucky milk odours in your bottles!

For a portable option to take with you on the go, you can consider the 59S UVC LED S6 Mini Sterilizing Box which takes just 59 seconds to disinfect pacifiers, soothers, teethers, and even nipple teats for breastfeeding or pumping. While the mini sterilizing box is not recommended for use with baby bottles, it’s a useful gadget to have in your bag when your little one drops their pacifier on the ground while you’re out on a walk! The 59S UVC LED X5 Handheld Sterilizer Wand also takes just 5 to 10 seconds to disinfect surfaces such as sofas, furniture, bedsheets, and countertops - an especially useful appliance to have when your baby has begun crawling, cruising, or walking!

Frequently Asked Questions About 59s Products

1. How do 59s sterilizing boxes & UV wands work?

59s UV sterilizers work by emitting UVC radiation (a known disinfectant) via their strong LED globes. This UVC radiation specifically targets proteins and genetic materials, which effectively reduces its ability to reproduce and spread. This targets and kills bacteria, germs, and other harmful pathogens and micro-particles that could make your baby sick.

2. Which 59s sterilizer do I need?

The type of 59s sterilizer to choose will depend on how you plan to use it. A 59s Sterilizing Box is suitable for baby bottles, whereas the 59s Mini Sterilizing Box cannot be used for baby bottles but is suitable for smaller items including teethers, soothers, and teats. The 59s Toy Sterilizing Bag is suitable for stuffed animals, blocks, and other larger items - but may not be suitable for bottes and feeding essentials.

3. Are any of the 59s UV sterilizer products portable?

Absolutely! In fact, almost all of the 59s UV products can be used as portable sterilizers due to their size. This holds especially true for the 59s Sterilizer Wand and 59S UVC LED Multi-Functional Sterilizing Lid. The 59s Sterilizer Wand is a handheld device which can be folded out to easy and quickly sterilize surfaces, whereas the 59s Sterilizing Lid can disinfect glasses, cups, and anything that fits within its compact size.

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