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Baby Bjorn Mattress For Travel Cot
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Baby Bjorn Fitted Sheet for Travel Cot Light - Natural White Organic
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Baby Bjorn Transport Bag for Bouncer
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Baby Bjorn Feeding Bib Set (1 Baby Bib And 1 Samll Baby Bib)
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Shop Baby Bjorn Carriers & Bouncers at Mothercare Singapore

Once your little bundle of joy has arrived earth-side, we understand that you’ll feel excited to start introducing them to all the wonders of the world. Whether you’re dreaming up your next trip to the zoo or venturing down the winding paths of the park next door, there’s something so special about seeing your baby discover new things and experiences for the first time. Keep your baby close to you even when you’re exploring the world together with a Baby Bjorn carrier.

Baby Bjorn’s classic carriers have been beloved by families for generations, and allow you and your baby to stay close and strengthen your bond while on the go. Here at Mothercare, our selection of Baby Bjorn carriers, bouncers, travel cots, and more enable parents to venture out into the world with their littlest one safely by their side.

Ergonomic, Functional & Stylish

Each Baby Bjorn carrier is designed to provide mum and dad and baby with support through any adventures big or small. The Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier One Cotton is an outdoorsy model that can fit newborns and young children up to 3 years old, and comes with inbuilt infant inserts and an adjustable head support so that even the smallest babies can travel in comfort. The padded shoulder straps and pressure-relieving waist belt also help ease the pressure on mum and dad’s back and shoulders so you can continue to carry your child even as they grow. For added relief in the balmy Singapore heat, opt for the Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier One 3D Mesh with better ventilation and cooler air circulation.

For an even more stylish option, you’ll want to look at the Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Harmony 3D Mesh. The Harmony provides the same all-around support as the One, with an additional back support for mum and dad’s comfort. Like the One, the Harmony is suitable for newborns and young children aged up to 3 years old, and comes in various adjustable positions. With luxurious and highly breathable soft-structured mesh, the Harmony lets you naturally hug your baby close to enhance the babywearing experience for the both of you.

Apart from baby carriers, Mothercare also features other Baby Bjorn essentials and accessories like the Baby Bjorn Bouncer Bliss Mesh and Baby Bjorn Travel Cot Light.

Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Bjorn Carriers

1. What are the benefits of using a baby carrier?

A baby carrier allows you to babywear your child, and can strengthen and enhance the bond between parent and child. Baby Bjorn carriers are designed for either mum or dad to use them, so both parents can enjoy the closeness of babywearing.

Mothercare features several Baby Bjorn carrier models in our online and brick-and-mortar stores. If you’re unsure of which model suits your lifestyle best, our friendly nursery advisors will provide you with useful (and complimentary) advice to help you make your decision!

2. Are baby carriers or babywearing safe for my young infant?

Babywearing is a safe and secure way to travel and bond with children of all ages if done with proper care. Baby Bjorn works closely with medical specialists to ensure that its carriers are safe, comfortable, and provide adequate support for your child. When babywearing, take note of these ergonomic tips:

1. Your child’s hips, legs, and spine should be in the same position as if you were holding them in your arms
2. Your child should be seated in an upright position with proper neck support
3. Your child’s limbs should be able to move freely without struggle
4. Your child should be close to your baby with their head near your chin
5. For mum and dad, a carrier should provide good pressure relief and even weight distribution across your baby

3. Are Baby Bjorn carriers healthy for my child’s hips?

All Baby Bjorn carrier models including the One and Harmony have been evaluated and approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. Baby Bjorn carriers are acknowledged as “hip friendly” when properly used and provide ample support for your child’s growing hips and spine. Carriers and other babywearing accessories should always be used according to the instructions, in order to ensure a safe experience for both you and your child.