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Shop Braun Thermometer & More at Mothercare Singapore

Caring for your newborn takes time and selfless dedication – any parent would agree. Ensuring you have all the right tools you need, from baby bottle sterilisers to a whole suite of developmental nursery toys, provides assurance that your little one is indeed in safe hands. Aside from these feeding, clothing and play essentials, it is also wise to have at hand necessary devices like thermometers and thermoscans so you can continue monitoring your baby when they are unwell.

Braun pays attention to such parental needs with its line of products that help parents provide their little ones with optimal care. Whether you’re looking for a no-touch forehead thermometer or ear thermometer, you’ll be able to find the right device with Braun.

There’s also no need to go from store to store searching for one. Browse and purchase Braun thermometers, thermoscan disposable covers and more online here on Mothercare Singapore.

No Guesswork With Braun Thermometers

As the number one brand among doctors globally, Braun delivers convenience and accuracy when it comes to temperature measurements. With its patented Age Precision® technology in its latest Braun ThermoScan 7 ear thermometer, you can take the guesswork out with colour-coded temperature guidance. Accurately track and understand your child’s temperatures better, no matter how old they are. Its wide-angle probe also makes it easy to measure the temperatures of newborns, and with available thermoscan disposable covers and lens filters, you can use these ear thermometers for more than one child at home.

If ear thermometers are discomforting for your child, Braun’s no-touch forehead thermometers are the perfect alternatives. Simply aim the thermometer at the middle of your child’s forehead between the eyebrows and let the machine do its job for you in just a couple of seconds.

Why not get in touch with our Digital Nursery Advisors (DNA) on WhatsApp to learn more about Braun thermometers today? If you want to understand whether your child is comfortable with the ear thermometer or prefers the no-touch forehead thermometer, you can visit any of our Mothercare Experience stores and test it out yourself. You’ll also be able to explore other products by Braun, like dressing table playsets and more!

Frequently Asked Questions About Braun Thermometers

1. What is considered a fever with the Braun ear thermometer?

Whether you are measuring your child’s temperature with a Braun ear thermometer or the no-touch forehead thermoscan, a reading of 37.5°C is considered a low-grade fever and should receive medical care.

2. Which Braun ear thermometer is the best?

In the world of baby care products, the Braun ThermoScan 7 is considered the best, with its Age Precision® technology that ensures fast and accurate temperature readings. It also stores the last nine results, which makes tracking a whole lot easier.

3. Can Braun ThermoScan 7 be used on adults?

While the Braun ThermoScan 7 comes with age-specific fever guidance that is suitable for children, it can still be used on adults, making the ear thermometer the perfect medical household device to own as a family. In addition, with disposable cover and lens filters available, you can ensure your family’s hygiene is well taken care of. Alternatively, the forehead thermometer by Braun is also a good option – you can measure temperatures from the forehead with no skin contact. It’s easy to shop for one too – browse Braun thermometers in Singapore as well as those of other brands here on Mothercare today!