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Baby essentials can be quite pricey in Singapore. However, if you’re looking for budget-friendly options at no expense of quality, Candide offers baby mattress sheets, nursing pillows, and cot wedges that can help make nursery safe and comfortable for both mother and child. As experts in the nursery and safety department, Candide products are quality-assured and designed to provide unparalleled comfort for your little one while not aggravating their eyes, nose, or skin.

Shop Candide baby mattress sheets, pillows, and more at Mothercare Singapore today.

Candide Baby Mattress Sheets

Available in multiple colours, Candide mattress sheets are made from 100% soft and comfortable united cotton stretchable Jersey. The mattress sheets also come with an all-around elasticated finish that makes them easy to put on and remove whenever required — which can be quite often. Mix and match your favourite colours and get all the Candide baby mattress sheets you need to continually provide a clean and comfortable cot for your little one from Mothercare Singapore today!

Candide Baby Nursing Pillows and More

At Mothercare Singapore, we also stock up on Candide Multirelax 3-in-1 Pregnancy, Nursing and Baby Pillows. Candide expert pillows such as the Candide Air+ Cot Wedge and the Candide Baby Panda Pillow are also available alongside our diverse line-up of Candide mattress sheets. Rest easy knowing your little one can as well, and enjoy a safe and comfortable nursery period with Candide products from Mothercare.

Complement your Candide baby mattress sheets and pillows with other home safety and nursery furniture with other Mothercare Nursery & Safety Products.

Frequently Asked Questions About Candide Baby Mattress Sheets and Pillows

1. What are the dimensions for Candide baby mattress
sheets sold at Mothercare?

Candide baby mattress sheets fit standard baby cot bed mattresses of 70 x 140 cm.

2. How often should I change my Candide baby mattress sheets?

If no accidents occur, you should be changing your Candide baby mattress sheets once or twice a week. However, they should be swapped out whenever there’s been a spill or upset, which can happen quite often.

Regardless, with the elasticated finish on all Candide mattress sheets, you can even change them on a daily basis if required with little to no hassle.

Still unsure on how often to change your baby mattress sheets? Get in touch with our friendly Digital Nursing Advisors (DNA) via WhatsApp to get complimentary parenting and baby product advice today.

3. Does Candide sell swaddles and sleeping bags alongside
their baby mattress sheets?

Candide specialises in baby mattress sheets and expert pillows, though we do have a wide selection of swaddle and sleeping bag options from other trusted brands at Mothercare Singapore. Baby sleep suits are also available for your browsing and perusement.