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The Giggles toothpaste was formulated by pharmacists Roman Schmid and Metin San in Zurich, Switzerland. The fun-flavoured toothpaste serves as a way to motivate kids to brush their teeth the recommended three times a day, with appealing tastes such as Candy Donut, Mandarin Delight, Melon Delight, Candy Apple, and Chocolate Cupcake. Specially made for children, it uses natural ingredients like edelweiss extract — which is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory — to help your little one achieve a healthy smile. The Giggles toothpaste also contains the finest ingredients and the perfect amount of fluoride to protect your child’s teeth from cavities and decay. Mothercare Singapore offers a wide selection of Giggles toothpaste that can give your young one the best brushing experience with delightful flavours while practising good oral hygiene. 

Make Brushing Fun with Giggles Toothpaste

The foundation for healthy and strong teeth lies in the first few years of your child’s life. As soon as their teeth start to push through the gum line, plaque formation can begin as early as a few days. It is recommended that parents start brushing their kid’s teeth as soon as the first tooth comes in to reduce the risk of harmful bacteria building up in the mouth.

Tooth brushing time doesn’t come easy for most parents with young children. It might be a struggle to encourage them to maintain their own dental health without persuasion and coaxing. Giggles toothpaste makes brushing fun with myriad delicious flavours to make it more palatable, enough to make your little one look forward to the once-difficult task. 

Giggles toothpaste also makes parenting easier by not requiring you to convince your child of the importance of brushing their teeth. Simply present them with any flavours from our range and let the Giggles toothpaste do the work for you. Check out the available Giggles products at Mothercare Singapore and kickstart your kid’s interest in oral hygiene today. You can also shop our babycare and bath products to find other hygiene and health products for your little one’s needs. 

Feel free to contact our Digital Nursery Advisors (DNA) on WhatsApp for any enquiries. Parents can also approach our staff at any of our Mothercare stores in Singapore to ask for advice and more information.

Frequently Asked Questions About Giggles Toothpaste

1. What is the difference between the Giggles toothpaste
for ages one to six and ages seven and above?

Giggles toothpaste for children aged one to six contains 500ppm of fluoride, while the aged seven and above range contains 1150ppm of fluoride. It’s important to use the right amount based on your child’s age, as they could end up consuming fluoridated toothpaste if the concentration is too heavy. 

2. How much toothpaste should I use for my child?

For each brushing, children aged three and below should use toothpaste the size of a rice grain, and children aged four and above should use a pea-sized amount.

3. How are children's toothpaste different from adult toothpaste?

Adult toothpaste has a higher level of fluoride compared to children’s toothpaste. Excessive exposure can stain your child’s teeth and should be avoided using children’s toothpaste that contains smaller quantities.