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Happy Cot Diaper Changing Board
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Happy Cot Bumper Set - Eleplay
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Happy Cot Foam Mattress
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From adaptable cribs to anti-dust mite foam mattresses, musical mobiles, and diaper changing boards, Happy Cot brings magic to your nursery in more ways than one. Using high-quality, sustainable materials that go through rigorous safety standards, Happy Cot develops beautiful and innovative functional pieces to meet your baby’s everyday needs here in Singapore.

Happy Cot Cribs

Designed with five conversions available, Happy Cot boasts cribs that can grow and change with your little one. For instance, the baby cot variation is petite-sized with rolling feet to make it easy for naptime or bedtime to happen anywhere. Want to sleep next to your baby? Simply convert your Happy Sheep 5-In-1 Cot into a bedside bed so that you can hold your little one's hands as they drift off into dreamland. As they grow older, you can convert the cot into a toddler’s bed so that they can sleep comfortably through the night.

Happy Cot cribs come with 3” or 4” mattresses, and parents can choose between different baby-safe natural latex mattresses, anti dust mite mattresses, or normal foam mattresses. Some of the Happy Cot mattresses also come with a 3-piece bedding set that is available in different colours like pink, grey, and blue.

Mix and match Happy Cot’s range of cots with beautiful musical mobiles to keep your baby entertained as they develop their motor skills.

Happy Cot Diaper Changing Board

The Happy Cot diaper changing board is a perfect addition to your baby’s nursery. It makes changing diapers easy and relaxing, especially since it can be used together with Happy Cot cots as well as other standard baby cots. The diaper changing board has a hardened base and comes with a velcro strap that you secure onto your cot to give your baby a stable and safe space to lie on. The changing base is also designed with a foam core and PVC cover to let your baby get comfortable in it.

Shop Happy Cot’s range of baby cots, diaper changing boards, and other products from Mothercare Singapore online. Or simply visit any of our Mothercare Experience stores to test out and get a feel of the products before you commit to a purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions About Happy Cot Products

1. What materials are used in the construction of Happy Cot’s range of baby cots?

Happy Cot’s cots are made from New Zealand pine wood, which is both versatile and durable. The cot is also painted over with non-toxic paint and has food-grade teething rails to keep your baby safe.

2. How do I choose between foam or latex mattresses for my baby?

Happy Cot’s foam and anti dust mite foam mattresses are handmade using sumptuous soft cotton that is comfortable against your baby’s delicate skin. Cotton mattresses are generally comfortable, with great support and breathability.

Latex mattresses can resist many varieties of mould, fungus, and bacteria. This material is preferred if your baby has allergies, a sensitive nose, or sinus problems, as latex does not contain natural fillers like wool, cotton, or animal hair that may trigger allergic reactions.

Need more information or guidance before deciding on a material? Simply connect with our Digital Nursery Advisors (DNA) on WhatsApp and we’ll advise you on products that can improve the lives of both you and your child.

3. Can I wash Happy Cot’s diaper changing table?

It is not recommended to wash the diaper changing table. However, what you can do before and after each diaper change is to wipe it down with antibacterial wipes. Alternatively, you can lay a clean muslin cloth over your Happy Cot diaper changing board to prevent it from being heavily soiled.