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When you become a parent, no one tells you about the magnitude of sheer happiness whenever your little one achieves a milestone. From the unbridled joy of your baby’s first words to the worry underpinning your excitement as your little one takes their first steps. As you watch your baby ease their way into toddlerhood, you’ll want to ensure that you give them the support they need to explore the new world around them.

To bring them to places in Singapore they’ve never been before, Havaianas offers a wide collection of slippers specially designed for toddlers. Since 1962, this renowned brand has been creating quality sandals inspired by the Japanese Zori sandal, updated the design to match today’s fashion trends, and the rest is history! Buy a pair of flip-flops for your kid online at Mothercare today!

Bringing Your Child to Places

Explore the cosmopolitan or make the trip to the beach with a pair of sandals – the footwear that strikes the perfect balance between comfort and protection. After all, considering Singapore’s hot and humid weather, open-toe footwear is always welcomed – and trust that your child will agree! Not only will your little one be able to enjoy good air circulation for their feet, but they can also easily slip a pair on and off their feet, which is a plus point whenever there’s an overwhelming impulse to go barefoot on the playground.

The Havaianas Top Trend Steelgrey offers your child more than protection against communicable foot diseases. This pair of slippers is also comfortable, lightweight, and water-resistant. Plus, they are also durable and non-slip, which are extremely important, especially with a little one zooming around as fast as their little legs can carry. Conversely, you can also opt for the Havaianas Baby Brasil Blue Slipper. It features a strap around the heel to better secure the foot.

Still at a loss on what type of footwear to give your little one? Mothercare takes pride in being the leading baby and mother retailer in Singapore for all your parenting needs, including your little bub’s footwear! From slippers to covered shoes, we have them all! If you’re not quite sure which to choose, WhatsApp our Digital Nursery Advisor (DNA) for complimentary, expert advice.

Frequently Asked Questions About Havaianas Kids Slippers

1. How long does a pair of Havaianas kids slippers last?

The durability of a pair of Havaianas kids slippers depends on several factors, including the frequency of use, type of use, type of floor or ground, product care, and the like. That said, these flip-flops can generally last three to six months of continuous use.

2. How do I clean my little one’s Havaianas?

Since they’re made of natural rubber, it’s important to clean your child’s Havaianas with a mild detergent. Simply dip them in warm, soapy water for a few minutes before using a non-abrasive sponge or cloth to clean them and then rinse them. Never use bleach and don’t throw them in the washing machine as doing so can damage your pairs.

3. Does Mothercare provide delivery services?

Yes, we do! We offer free delivery services for orders with minimum spending of S$60. For orders below S$60, there will be an additional charge of S$5.90. Alternatively, you may collect your little one’s Havaianas from any of our Mothercare outlets in Singapore.