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Once your newborn arrives earth-side to join your family, one of the biggest challenges that you will face is keeping your baby well-fed and healthy. While we all know that “fed is best”, we’ll also be the first to tell you that whether you’re breastfeeding, bottle feeding, formula feeding, or combined feeding, it’s going to be a wonderful journey full of ups and downs!

The first few months might feel especially difficult as you get used to your new role as a mummy and your baby starts to learn how to latch, suckle, and drink properly. So why not make your feeding journey easier with Hegen? Though only founded in 2015 this award-winning brand has become a favourite with parents around the world for their innovative, fuss-free, and intuitive feeding products including milk bottles, teats, bottle brushes, pacifiers, and more.

Mothercare Singapore is here to help you through the bewildering yet fulfilling journey that is parenting with our vast array of mother and baby products. Discover our catalogue of Hegen products online or in-stores today to make the feeding journey easier for both you and your baby!

Empowering the Journey of Parenthood

Hegen products are designed to make baby feeding easier. Their Hegen PCTO™ Feeding Bottle PPSU comes in sizes ranging from 60ml/2oz to 330ml/11oz to suit your baby at each stage of their development. Hegen PCTO™ Feeding Bottles also have an asymmetrical teat that mimics mum’s breast for easier latching, and revolutionary one-hand closure to make late-night feeds easier for mum or dad.

The best part of Hegen’s product range is that everything is interchangeable for a totally fuss-free feed! The Hegen PCTO™ Manual Breast Pump Module and Hegen PCTO™ Double Electric Breast Pump can be attached directly onto a Hegen milk bottle using the Hegen PCTO™ Standard Neck Adapters, allowing mummy to express, store, and feed seamlessly with minimal wastage.

Accessories like Hegen Diaphragm and Stem for Manual, Hegen Kneading Ring for Electric, and Hegen Bottle Brush & Teat Cleaner further complement your feeding setup, making the newborn months so much easier to navigate. To make newborn shopping easier, we’ve even gathered our favourite Hegen essentials into the Hegen PCTO™ Complete Starter Kit PPSU (SG Exclusive Plus) that comes with 3 sizes of feeding bottles, 4 types of teats including slow flow and fast flow teats, and storage converters!

Frequently Asked Questions About Hegen Baby Milk Bottles, Teats & More

1. What Hegen teat size is suitable for my baby?

Hegen’s interchangeable baby milk bottle and teat system is suitable for newborns to 6 months and beyond, with each teat size coming with a marking reflecting the recommended age range. Simply look out for the respective labels on our product listings:

  • Extra Slow Flow: From birth (Marked 0m+)
  • Slow Flow: From 1 month (Marked 1m+)
  • Medium Flow: From 3 months (Marked 3m+)
  • Fast Flow: From 6 months (Marked 6m+)
  • Thick Feed: From 6 months for thick or semi-solid feeds (Marked Y)

2. Are Hegen baby milk bottles steriliser-safe?

Yes! Hegen PPSU baby milk bottles are heat-resistant in temperatures up to 180°C and can be cleaned using bottle sterilisers, boiling water, ultraviolet light, or sterilising tablets. Before sterilisation, remember to disassemble all pieces of the bottle and give them a thorough wash using baby-safe bottle detergent and clean water.

3. Apart from Hegen, what other feeding essentials can
I find at Mothercare Singapore?

Hegen is just one of the many bottle feeding and breastfeeding brands carried by Mothercare Singapore! Shop our wide range of feeding essentials online, or browse popular brands such as Haakaa, Tommee Tippee, and Philips Avent.

Cart out with a minimum spend of $60 and you can even enjoy free delivery islandwide. Plus our Digital Nursery Advisors (DNA) are just a WhatsApp message away if you need complimentary parenting advice or product recommendations on the best baby products for your family! You can also pop by a Mothercare store near you to see our products in action and get personalised advice from our helpful store assistants.