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Most children have a “lovely” - the one toy that they would latch on to and carry wherever they go, the very same one that you’ll drive all the way back to wherever it was left just to not risk a disrupted sleep. Irresistibly cuddly and soft, these cuddly pals have found a place in a baby’s must-haves checklist. At Mothercare, we wish to colour your child’s first few years with the most loveable soft toys that they can cuddle with and find comfort in. Browse our selection of Jellycat toys to get your hands on your child’s next cheeky softie.

Soft Toys: Source of Comfort

As a parent, fussy spells are one of the most challenging things to resolve. You may try all sorts of methods to soothe your crying child: feeding, singing, rocking, putting them in an infant seat, but nothing seems to work. In such instances, perhaps their favourite stuffed toy is all your child needs!

Aside from being a cuddly accessory, these comforting toys serve another purpose: easing distress and anxiety. They provide your little one a sense of familiarity and reassurance, which allows your baby to build up their ability to self-soothe without the help of mom or dad. For working parents, this is especially crucial as you won’t be physically present to provide your precious one the comfort they need and deserve. Giving your child a Jellycat Rumpletum Bear to cuddle with when they are at their grandparents’ can make it feel like a less threatening experience. Let your child’s tears turn into bright, adorable giggles with the help of a fuzzy friend.

Fostering Your Child’s Personal Development

As a parent, securing your child’s development is always at the forefront of your parenting journey. Lay the fundamental groundwork for their language and social development with a soft toy or two! Allowing your little one to immerse themselves in pretend play helps to nurture their emerging communication and social skills. Bolster these skills by acting out playful role-playing scenes from a tropical jungle adventure with your child’s cuddly friends, Jellycat Rolie Polie Monkey and Jellycat Bashful Bunny. Aside from fostering language and social development, there’s no better way to bond with your child than to assist and partake in their make-believe.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jellycat Soft Toys

1. Can I give my newborn a soft toy?

You may give your newborn a soft toy to explore and play around with. That said, it is important to keep them out of any sleeping environment, especially if your child is under seven months of age. Due to the risk posed by suffocation or strangulation, it is advised to not place any soft toys, or blankets and other bedding, for that matter.

2. Are all soft toys safe for my baby?

Not all toys are made the same. It is important to make sure that your child’s toys do not contain any potentially harmful levels of harmful chemicals, plastics, and heavy metals. As a parent, you can rest assured that every Jellycat soft toy has undergone rigorous tests to ensure that they abide by international safety standards. They bear both the CE mark for Europe and UKCA mark for the UK.

3. What other types of products should I include in my checklist?

The baby registry list may be seemingly never-ending. It often includes baby cribs, feeding essentials, mini-sized baby clothes, and more! If you are not quite sure where to start or are simply overwhelmed, Mothercare is here to help you! Besides offering an extensive range of baby essentials, we wish to ease your parenting journey with our nursery advisor programme. Enjoy complimentary advice to get all that you may need to prepare for your child’s long-awaited arrival.