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Lansinoh Soothie Gel Pads 2pc
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Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags 50pcs
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Nipple Cream & More
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You’ve prepared for a long nine months to welcome your newborn into the world, but nothing can really prepare you for the reality of what it means to be a mother. Even when you’ve got a tiny, fragile babe to care for, your body is only just beginning to heal from one of the most overwhelming, traumatic, and rewarding experiences it can go through - childbirth.

That’s where Lansinoh’s range of breastfeeding, bottle feeding, and maternity care products come into the picture. Since the brand’s founding over 30 years ago, Lansinoh has always been dedicated to supporting new mums throughout their parenting journey. From breast pads to nipple creams to nursing pads and more, Lansinoh is here to help you adjust, adapt, and excel in your new role as a mummy to a little one. Find all of the Lansinoh products you’ll need to have a good start to motherhood right here at Mothercare Singapore.

Supporting Mummies through the Fourth Trimester and Beyond

We’re used to the concept of the first, second, and third trimesters in describing pregnancy, but now there’s a new concept gaining popularity amongst parents in Singapore and around the world - the fourth trimester. This describes the first three months after your newborn arrives in the world, and the accompanying changes to mummy’s body as well as to your new lifestyle as parents.

We know that it’s difficult for new mums to fully describe the physical, emotional, and mental changes that they are going through during this period. On top of caring for a newborn and adjusting to sleepless nights, mummies also have to experience the aches, pains, and frustrations associated with breastfeeding or latching. That’s why Lansinoh’s products are specially designed to soothe aching breasts and prevent sore or cracked nipples, to make your breastfeeding or latching journey a little easier.

The Lansinoh Therapearl 3-In-1 Breast Therapy pads are a popular choice amongst new mums to tackle common breastfeeding challenges including engorgement, plugged ducts, mastitis, or difficulties in pumping. Each reusable gel pack is microwave-safe and can be heated or cooled down to soothe your respective aches and soreness.

Mummies will also appreciate the Lansinoh Nipple Cream formulated with hypoallergenic 100% HPA modified lanolin with no preservatives, parabens, fragrance, or taste. Lansinoh’s nipple cream both soothes and protects sore nipples, and is safe for babies so there is no need to remove or clean it away before breastfeeding. For instant comfort and relief, you can also apply the Lansinoh Soothies Gel Pads to protect even cracked and painful nipples.

Don’t forget the Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads, which are made with a special polymer to draw moisture away from the skin. This helps keep your skin and clothing dry and leak-free, so you can avoid embarrassing or untimely stains.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lansinoh Products

1. What other Lansinoh products does Mothercare Singapore carry?

Mothercare carries some of Lansinoh’s most popular mother and baby products including nipple cream, breast pads, nipple shields, and breastmilk storage bags. Shop online for more breastfeeding essentials or maternity care needs, or visit any Mothercare store in Singapore to see our products in-person.

2. What is the difference between Lansinoh
Soothies Gel Pads and Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads?

Lansinoh Soothies Gel Pads provide instant cooling relief to cracked, sore, or painful nipples, whereas Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads are used to help absorb and wick away moisture from nipples to prevent skin irritation or leaks. Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads can be used overnight or in the day to absorb stray milk and leakage and can be disposed off once fully used; whereas each set of Lansinoh Soothies Gel Pads can be used for up to 72 hours with total length of gel pad therapy not exceeding three weeks.

For more advice on mother and baby products, reach out to our Digital Nursery Advisors (DNA) via WhatsApp, or approach our friendly store staff for complimentary advice.

3. How do I use the Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags?

Lansinoh’s breastmilk storage bags are one of their most popular breastfeeding products to date. Built with a double zipper seal and reinforced double sealed side seams to ensure none of your precious breast milk can leak out, these bags are freezer-safe and BPA and BPS free to ensure safe storage.

One benefit of Lansinoh breastmilk storage bags is that you can pump directly into the bag, saving you plenty of precious time. Simply attach the Lansinoh breastmilk storage bag directly to a Lansinoh expression set, or to any regular size breast pump with the Lansinoh Pump Adaptor (sold separately). You can then pump, seal, and store the milk for when your baby needs it next.