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When it comes to the adage question of whether or not one should breastfeed their newborn child, the answer is clear. Jam-packed with nutrients and antibodies, breastfeeding offers your little one the best possible start to life. From producing naturally soothing hormones to reducing breast and ovarian cancer, the benefits of breastfeeding extend to expressing mothers as well.

The process seems simple enough: baby meets breast. But the truth is, it goes beyond just making sure your little one latches on your breast. Despite being seemingly natural, breastfeeding isn’t always easy. Several things may pop up along your nursing journey, throwing hurdles on what might already be a bumpy road.

Helping Mothers Overcoming Their Lactating Problems

You’ve given birth and are now committed to giving your bundle of joy your own breast milk. However, you’ve encountered painful pitfalls that pull you further from the realm of nursing bliss. Your breasts grew and grew during pregnancy, and just when you thought they couldn’t get any bigger, your body has started to produce milk. As your milk supply increases, your breasts will gradually harden and within just a few days, they’ll become so hard that putting on a bra can be painful. This is what is referred to as breast engorgement. Unfortunately, if your breasts are overly full, milk can go back into your ducts and clog them up. This will cause a hard lump on your breasts, making them red and sore to the touch.

To remedy breast engorgement, clogged milk ducts or other breastfeeding symptoms, it’s best to quickly get into a breastfeeding groove and let out some of that milk. Unfortunately, due to the hardened state of your breasts, latching and even hand massages can be excruciating.

To give you a helping hand, the LaVie Lactation Massage Roller works to provide your breasts with better stimulation and compression. Since hand massaging can get tiring with time, this massage roller can help take over whenever you’re feeling particularly exhausted. It’s a handy manual breast massager without the hard work!

If you wish to take that convenience another step further, consider the LaVie Lactation Massager. This milk expression tool is designed to soften the breast and speed up milk let down, effectively improving milk flow and relieving discomfort. This medical-grade tool utilises both vibrations and compressions to do what it does best, and features multiple vibration modes so as to cater to your needs and preferences. Plus, it’s waterproof, which means you can bring it with you as you pop into the shower!

Frequently Asked Questions About LaVie Lactation Massager
and Massage Roller

1. Where do I place the LaVie lactation massager?

Place the LaVie lactation massager in your bra with the small tip facing down to stimulate milk let down and improve milk flow. If you’re expressing, you can place the narrow tip on the flange of your breast pump to increase the vibration area, which further speeds up the process. While you’re at it, be sure to also apply pressure and compression on your breast as it can help you empty better.

2. How should I use the LaVie massage roller?

There are plenty of ways to use the LaVie massage roller. For one, you may press into the side and bottom of the breast and move it towards the nipple. This technique applies pressure on the milk ducts, which moves the milk forward and allows you to empty more effectively. You can also detach the roller balls and use them to knead areas where you’re experiencing any clogging.

3. What other tools do I need to remedy common breastfeeding issues?

Beyond clogged ducts and breast engorgement, there are other problems that many women experience when breastfeeding, including sore and dry nipples, nipple vasospasm, and leaky breasts, among many others. As such, aside from LaVie products, be sure to have a nipple cream, breast pads, and other maternity care must-haves with you.

As your go-to retailer for anything baby- or maternity-related, Mothercare is dedicated to supporting you so that you can enjoy your nursing journey. If you’re in need of expert advice, leverage our Digital Nursery Advisory (DNA) services and reach out to them via Whatsapp. Browse our online catalogue, or better yet, head down to any of our outlets in Singapore to kickstart a smooth breastfeeding experience today!