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Transitioning from the warm cradle of a mother’s womb to the cold and bright world can be a stressful one for newborn babies. Additionally, babies are born with an innate startle reflex. Called the Moro reflex, it is an involuntary response which causes an infant to suddenly jerk out their hands and legs feeling like they’re falling. Swaddling can help to soothe and calm your baby, while enveloping them in a familiar embrace like mummy’s womb.

Big Dream for Little Ones

Love To Dream’s journey began in 2008 to find solutions for parents who are struggling to help their little ones sleep. Through extensive research and development, the first signature SwaddleUP was launched with resounding success. Today, Love To Dream has created many styles of sleepsuits for babies up till 12 months old and are designed to be effective and convenient alternatives to traditional swaddling.

At Mothercare, you’ll find a complete range of Love To Dream products to promote restful and better sleep in very young children.

Benefits of Love To Dream Swaddles

Parents have taken to swaddling their babies for many generations. This method is comforting and relaxing, resulting in longer sleep and a happier baby. Apart from mimicking the feeling in the womb and reducing the Moro reflex, swaddling can also remind your baby of your soft and loving touch. The gentle pressure from the fabric triggers a self-soothing response in the brain and lowers cortisol - or stress - levels. Swaddling is also perfect for newborns who are unable to regulate their own temperature.

Constructed with soft, stretchable natural fabric for a fit that’s just nice, the Love To Dream swaddles and sleepsuits such as the Love To Dream Stage 1 Swaddle Up LITE is the perfect solution for busy parents in Singapore. With a unique wing design, easy-to-use features and no bothersome zips or noisy Velcro, changing is effortlessly simple. Experience the soothing benefits of our Love To Dream swaddles and bodysuits at Mothercare. Not sure if you should use a swaddle blanket or sleepsuit? Our dedicated nursery advisors are ready and eager to help you make an informed decision.

Frequently Asked Questions About Love To Dream Products

1. When should newborns be swaddled?

Traditional swaddling (with a piece of cloth) can start from birth until the baby displays signs of rolling over, things can get dangerous after that as the fabric may trap the baby and inhibit breathing. As an alternative, you may use a safe infant sleeping bag like the Love To Dream Stage 1 Swaddle Up Organic which gives you all the benefits of swaddling without the risks. Mothercare also carries Stage 2 and Stage 3 options for babies of different ages.

2. Why should I use Love To Dream swaddles?

Our Love To Dream swaddles are designed to help caregivers skip the swaddle learning curve. With no Velcro to fight with, you can easily zip and go. The innovative and proprietary design also allows babies to sleep in a natural arms-up position, allowing them to sleep the way they like it. Using Love To Dream swaddles are extremely easy - simply bring the fabric over your baby’s shoulder and do up the zipper. The dual zipper also facilitates diaper changes, allowing you easy access whenever you need to.

3. Are sleep sacks better than swaddle blankets?

Swaddle blankets should not be used once the baby can roll over on his own. Sleep sacks, on the other hand, can be used well into the toddler stage. Love To Dream swaddles feature a unique patented design that allows babies to retain their natural arms up position, which encourages them to self-soothe. For toddlers who love to wriggle, choose one that offers freedom of movement, like the Love To Dream Stage 3 Sleep Suit 0.2 Tog. Always remember to use an age-appropriate sleepsuit for your baby.