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Whether you’re a first-time parent or an experienced couple, you’d know how important it is to maintain close contact with your newborn or growing toddler. Babywearing, as it is often called, offers abundant benefits. Carrying your baby around in your arms facilitates social interaction as opposed to leaving them to sit in strollers and car seats unengaged. It also helps stabilise their heart rate and body temperatures, and for newborns, you’d notice they’d be crying far less when carried around by their beloved momma during the first few months.

There are other advantages for parents too. Having your baby with you means you won’t have to stop your tasks halfway to attend to them – multi-taking is a breeze! And for breastfeeding moms, it’s so much easier to feed your little one when on the go.

That said, it is important to pay attention to how you carry them – ensuring babywearing remains ergonomically safe for you and your baby is key. Minimonkey knows this too well, with its collection of compact baby slings, some of the best baby carriers you can find in the market. And with Mothercare Singapore, searching for one is easy – browse online or visit any of our Mothercare Experience stores to try a mini sling in person!

Protect Postures With Ergonomical Mini Slings by Minimonkey

When carrying your newborn around, you’d want to ensure that both their head and back are well supported. This means your sling has to be folded tightly and at a correct angle that allows your baby to sit in the ergonomic M-position. Paediatricians recommend having your baby sit in this position, also known as the ‘frog position’, to support hip development, and at the same time, ensure significant support for the back and upper body. The Minimonkey mini slings are designed to allow just that.

If you need to make a quick run to the grocery store, you can easily have your little one strapped to your chest with the mini sling. Super light and extremely compact, you don’t have to deal with the weight of bulky carriers, providing relief to your back. Plus, the hands-free approach that Minimonkey’s mini slings are conceptualised for means you won’t need to push your stroller through supermarket aisles or the crowd at the mall while lugging your grocery bags with you. Whether you’re carrying your child for hours or a short period of time, these mini slings are designed for agility and efficiency – it won’t take more than a minute to buckle up and head off!

If you still need more advice on which Minimonkey mini sling to go for, you can speak to our Digital Nursery Advisors (DNA) in Singapore on WhatsApp for guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mini Slings by Minimonkey

1. How do you use a Minimonkey mini sling?

1. Spread the fabric of the Minimonkey mini sling over one of your shoulders with the adjustable buckle at the back.
2. Adjust the height by pulling on the strap. The clip on one side and carrier on the other should be at armpit height.
3. Put one leg into the lower loop of the mini sling.
4. Pull up the fabric and tighten it around your baby’s back and neck. If you’re carrying a newborn, ensure the fabric is pulled up to their ears for increased support.
5. Close the clip on the side and tighten the strap.
6. If there is a loose clip at the bottom, fold it into the fabric.
7. Tighten the buckle at the back one more time.
8. Hold your baby’s lower legs and tilt them towards you and upwards to create the M-position. Your baby’s back should be round.

Visit one of our Mothercare Experience stores in Singapore to try out a Minimonkey mini sling in person today!

2. How to wash Minimonkey mini slings?

You can wash them in a wash bag at 40 degrees at a low RPM with a mild fabric detergent. This will preserve the quality of the mesh fabric, which is made of lightweight polyester.

3. Where can I buy mini slings by Minimonkey in Singapore?

You can buy Minimonkey mini slings in Singapore at Mothercare, alongside a range of baby travel essentials online. These include strollers, car seats and travel cots.