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2649 Products

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Choosing the right baby essentials for your little one can be a tedious process. There’s nothing more important than ensuring the products you select are of incredible quality, safe for prolonged use, and made to last. Then, there are other practicalities too.

Having your bundle of joy accompany you during your shopping trip means you’d need a dependable stroller with supportive harnesses that will let you move freely, leaving your child comfortably snugged. Perhaps, an ergonomic baby carrier is more ideal if maintaining skin-to-skin contact with your breastfeeding newborn is a priority. Let’s not forget the feeding and dressing essentials, car seats for safer travel, and a whole plethora of clothing selections to keep up with for your unbelievably fast-growing little one.

Take a step back and breathe. There’s no need to worry when you have access to a helpful selection of baby products by Mothercare.

Trusted for quality, safety and innovation, with over 50 years of experience in the market, Mothercare products are designed with every parent and child in mind. Easily shopped online or at our various retail stores, our strollers, car seats, baby cots, bodysuits and a wondrous suite of accessories are conveniently available here in Singapore.

Mothercare Products Designed For Convenience

When you need to head out for a last-minute grocery run, relying on various Mothercare stroller accessories pushes any inconveniences out of the way. Attach our mGo Universal Connector onto the stroller chassis so you can dock almost anything — from cup holders to hold a sweet perk-me-up on-the-go, to our handy hangers where you can easily slide on your supermarket bags. Even better, our stroller net bag instantly adds extra storage space! Need to sit behind the wheel? Leave your adorably tiny passenger in the safety in our sturdy car seats, featuring height adjustable head support and side impact protection, so you can focus on completing your errands with peace of mind.

For any mother or father, having to care for their newborn or growing toddler while ploughing through work assignments or chores at home can be a feat. There’s no need to sweat with Mothercare’s dropside cots designed to keep little ones safe and comfortable, from birth till they reach two years of age. These products are made with teething rails to protect your baby’s developing gums and teeth, plus locking mechanisms mean they’re well-guarded even if you leave them alone for a longer time. Fit in as many mattresses you need and keep them busy with various activity toys like the Mothercare Bath Ducky Spout, while you tick off items on your daily checklist.

Is your child feeling restless? Move around the house with them snuggled into a dependable baby carrier. Our 4 Position Baby Carrier lets you hold your babbling baby in four different ergonomic seating positions — get busy with the chores, or plop down on the office chair and amaze them with your superspeed typing skills.

And Mothercare products don’t just stop there. Tap into our catalogue of breastfeeding essentials, bodysuits, bath accessories and more right here online. Shopping for everything your baby needs right now is easy with just a few clicks. Need more help in deciding what’s good? Speak to our nursery advisors to seek expert guidance today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Mothercare Baby Products Online

1. How do I decide between a stroller and a baby carrier?

If you’re heading out for long walks or extended shopping trips with your newborn, it’s a wiser choice to choose a stroller. They’ll be ideal for protecting the delicate spine of your little one, and yours too — pushing a stroller is less challenging as opposed to carrying your child for a long period of time. However, if your child needs some skin contact to keep them at ease, a baby carrier will be suitable. And what’s not to love about a snuggly warm mommy’s touch? Perfect for a good nap too, it’ll be easier for you to keep an eye while your little one snoozes. Start with a Mothercare baby carrier, and you’ll never go wrong!

2. At what age can I place my baby in a cot?

A cot is typically suitable for newborns and up till your toddler is about two years old. With our Mothercare cots, you can also fit in mattresses at various heights to make it easy to lift your child out for a feeding session or lower them back when it’s bedtime.

3. Can I shop for Mothercare products online?

You can shop a whole suite of baby products by Mothercare. This includes our sturdy baby cots, car seats, stroller accessories, carriers, feeding essentials, clothing and so much more! If you’d like to view our products in-person, why not visit our experience stores located at Harbourfront Centre and Paragon, plus retail outlets all over Singapore?