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Mum2Mum Bandana Wonder Bib 3pk (Purple, White & Cerise)
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Mum2Mum Fashion Bandana Bib - Red Dots
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Feeding your baby doesn’t have to involve a total costume change once they’ve finished their meal! Utilising only the very best materials which are both lightweight and water resistant, Mum2Mum Wonder bibs are just what you need to turn meal time into something special. Experience the joy of first foods, baby-led weaning, and more with your infant - all while knowing the post-meal clean-up can be done in an instant.

As a leading mother and baby retailer in Singapore, Mothercare is dedicated to helping you along every step of your journey into parenthood - from the first milestone to the next. Browse our selection of Mum2Mum products to find baby and toddler bibs that keep you and your child happy.

Make Teething Fuss-Free and Comfortable for both You and Baby

Mum2Mum Wonder Bibs - like the Mum2Mum Teething Bandana Bib - Black - are made with 100% cotton towelling for a soft and super-absorbent touch, as well as a nylon water-resistant backing to keep babies dry through all that dribbling. As Mum2Mum’s signature product, the Wonder Bib is truly a bib of choice for parents throughout the teething process!

Each Wonder Bib can hold a ¼ cup of liquid, and come with an adjustable neckline to keep your baby comfortable and content even when their teething gums feel sore and achey. Their cotton material also protects your baby from dribble rash and eczema - important qualities when your baby is producing excessive drool which can irritate their sensitive skin.

Mum2Mum Face Washers can also help wipe up excess drool or serve as a bath time or meal time essential - made with 100% cotton towelling, they are just as soft as the bandanas and designed to be gentle on baby skin.

Protect your Baby Carrier and Accessories from Teething Drool

Apart from premium-quality sleeved and bandana-style Wonder bibs, Mum2Mum also offers baby carrier accessories like the Mum2Mum Strap Cover Sucking Pads - Lemon to keep your teething baby comfortable while on the go. Each sucking pad can be easily attached onto your carrier straps for baby to gum and gnaw on in comfort, before being just as easily detached for a wash at the end of the day.

Not only does this make teething easier for your little one, but it helps protect your precious baby carrier straps too! Parents can also reach out to Mothercare’s Sparkle Clean for professional cleaning services for baby essentials such as carriers, car seats, and strollers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mum2Mum Bibs,
Face Washers and Sucking Pads

1. What ages are Mum2Mum Wonder bibs suitable for?

Sleeved Wonder bibs from Mum2Mum come in two sizes; small to suit babies 6-18 months and large to suit babies and toddlers 18 months-3 years.

The reversible fashion bandana bibs will comfortably fit bubs aged from just 4 months old all the way up to 3 years due to its adjustable neckline. They’re also 100% waterproof.

Teething bandana bibs have a silicone teether at the bottom to massage poor little bub’s gums. They also have an adjustable neckline which means they’ll fit babies from 4 months through to toddlers up to 3 years and even offer protection against eczema.

2. Are Mum2Mum products easy to clean?

All of the Mum2Mum products you’ll find at Mothercare are an absolute breeze to clean. The popular Wonder bibs are machine-washable and dryer-safe as well as colourfast, which means they’ll look almost as if they were brand new for a very long time.

3. How do I know when my baby begins teething?

There are several tell tale signs that teething is starting for a baby, including:

  • They begin to drool more than they used to
  • They are irritable for seemingly no reason (they’re fed, have slept, etc.)
  • Their cheeks can be flushed red
  • They’re chewing on things more than they have before
  • Sleeping becomes more difficult

Get in touch with our Digital Nursery Advisor (DNA) via WhatsApp for complimentary parenting advice, or visit a Mothercare store in Singapore to browse our range of teethers and soothers in-person. Parents can also approach our store staff directly to ask for advice and more information on our products and services.