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As you journey through parenthood with much anticipation and excitement, you’ll quickly discover that it’s not short of hurdles of various kinds – some overtly challenging, while others can appear to be deceivingly easy. Feeding your little one should be easy, but sometimes, it can easily become a gruelling task. A fussy baby during meal times often translates to a whole lot of mess, a crying baby, and a lot of pleas on your part. It gets even harder during transition periods.

To help you navigate the minefield of baby essentials, Mothercare is here to help. As the leading baby and mother retailer in Singapore, we are dedicated to supporting you so that you can enjoy a relatively stress-free parenting experience. Discover our extensive catalogue of Nuby products to ease your baby feeding journey. From high-quality baby bottles to teethers, find yours at Mothercare today!

Transitioning from Liquids to Solids

For the first few months or so, your baby will latch onto your breast for sustenance. This changes when they reach their six-month mark, when it’s time to introduce solid foods into their diet. This is also when you start realising that whilst breastfeeding has its sets of challenges, transitioning away from the breast or bottle is a different ballpark altogether.

Unlike adults, your little one has several oral motor differences that may delay the development of feeding skills, which may be compounded if your child has a history of gastrointestinal difficulties, allergies, and/or developmental delays. All of these factors may contribute to negative mealtime behaviours and experiences, which set the stage for their perception and relationship with food in the future. It’s thus important to ease the transition from liquids to solid foods, and to do so with patience!

To help you out with the transitional phase, the Nuby Squeeze Feeder provides a safe and easy way for your baby to get their bearings on solid food. Simply fill the bottle with the desired amount of baby food or cereal, and give the soft silicone feeder a gentle squeeze! Not only does this make feeding slightly easier, this BPA-free feeder also makes the process significantly less messy! Plus, it also comes with a protective cover to keep food from leaking, which makes it the perfect travel companion!

Encourage self-feed by giving them a sippy cup. Not only does this promote independent feeding, but you will also help build your little one’s confidence! Consider doing this with a Nuby No Spill Flip N Sip, a sippy cup with a unique contour shape and textured handles designed to fit small hands. Once your baby can chew and swallow solid foods, prepare them in the Sure Grip Stainless Steel Feeding Bowl so that they can touch and play, which will improve your bub’s tolerance of sensory input and food texture. Let your baby get their hands, face, and table messy!

Frequently Asked Questions About Nuby Bottles, Sippy Cups, Teether & More

1. How should I clean my Nuby products?

Start by disassembling your Nuby bottles and sippy cups. Together with the teether and feeding bowl, clean them in hot soapy water before rinsing off the soap. Dry each part with a dry and clean towel. To take it a step further, you may want to throw them in a steriliser for good measure.

2. Can teething cause a lack of appetite?

Yes, it can! While a milestone, teething is a painful experience for your little one. With tender and swollen gums, it’s no wonder your baby’s always crying. To ease teething pain, you may turn to Nuby Glow Ortho Pacifier. This BPA-free teether features soft nubs along the baglet rim to massage and stimulate your baby’s gums.

You may want to start a toothbrushing routine as early as four months. To ensure optimal comfort, opt for the NanaNubs Banana Massaging Toothbrush as its massaging bristles are made of extra soft silicone. Proceed to wet it and rub all surfaces of your baby’s mouth with firm, rhythmic movements. Not only will this help to promote good oral care, but it will also provide your little one with positive oral input and improve tolerance of touch inside the mouth.

Generally, this lack of appetite will wane after a week or so. If the pain continues to persist, be sure to visit your child’s paediatrician to find out what’s wrong.

3. What other Nuby products can I expect at Mothercare?

Besides feeding essentials, you can also find products like the Nuby Swim Diapers and Nuby Disposable Masks. Head down to any of our outlets across Singapore to discover more.