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Want to take your little one out on a picnic or pack them something you made with love for school? Designed with patented cooling technology in the walls of the bag, Packit’s selection of freezable lunch bags are perfect for tucking away healthier foods like dairy, fruits, veggies, and prepared meals; keeping them cool and fresh all day!

A “breastfriend” for breastfeeding mummies as well, these personal Packit cooler bags can keep your expressed milk cool for longer periods of time. This means that mummies can now stay out longer without having to rush back home to store your liquid gold, or even risk a single drop going to waste.

Keeping Meals Fresh On The Go

Packit’s range of freezable lunch bags has helped many people across the world take safe, healthy, and fresh meals everywhere they go. Designed for mummies, children, and travellers alike, this lunch bag has cooling technology built into the walls of the bag so you do not have to waste money on ice packs again. Packit’s cooling technology makes it the smartest alternative to conventional lunch boxes and is one of the best lunch bags to pack your lunch or even your child’s solid foods in as well.

It is perfect for school, work, the outdoors, and anywhere the world takes you. Equipped with handle clips, you can buckle your Packit lunch bags onto totes and strollers. The classic Packit freezable lunch bag is roomier in all the right places – designed with expanded width and depth, the bag fits up to two Packit Mod Lunch Bento or Mod Snack Bento boxes. And, you still get plenty of room for snacks plus drinks. A repositioned buckle handle helps to evenly distribute the weight so that the front flap always stays in place.

Available in two different designs – Tokidoki and Mermaid, these Packit cooler bags are made from food-safe, nontoxic poly canvas, and water-resistant EVA. It is also PVC-, BPA-, phthalate-, and lead-free, making them safe for children to store their lunches as well.

Going travelling or on a picnic with your loved ones? Don’t forget to bring Packit’s Snack Bento Boxes or a classic lunch box to keep your food fresh while you’re on the move. Customise your container each time you pack – Packit Snack Bento box includes a removable divider that walls off viscous liquids like yogurt, so that you can separate sensitive foods and prevent them from mixing with other foods. The all-in-one, space-saving design has everything you need to stay organised.

Leak-resistant lid locks to prevent spills, a Tritan™ base is BPA-free, shatter-resistant, microwave-safe (without the lid), and freezer-safe, all Packit bento boxes are designed with your child’s health and safety in mind.

Find all the Packit freezable lunch bags and bento boxes you need to have a great lunch, picnic, or simply to keep your breast milk fresh right here at Mothercare Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions About Packit Bags And Bento Boxes

1. How long does it take to freeze Packit bags?

Packit freezable lunch bags have to be frozen for at least 12 hours in the freezer to achieve optimal cooling power. However, if you are freezing more than one Packit bag at a time, we recommend spacing them apart from each other in the freezer and freeze for 12 hours.

For more advice on the type of mini lunch bags, cooler bags, or bento boxes to purchase, reach out to our Digital Nursing Advisors (DNA) via WhatsApp, or approach our friendly store staff for complimentary advice.

2. Apart from cold food, can I use Packit freezable lunch bags for hot food?

Yes. Every freezable PackIt bag is designed with insulation and freezable gel built into the walls of the bag. Hence, Packit lunch bags can provide insulation to keep your hot food toasty warm till lunchtime.

Shop online for more freezable Packit lunch bags designs, or other cooler bags and mini lunch bags. Visit any Mothercare store in Singapore to see our products in-person.

3. Are Packit’s bento boxes leak-proof?

All Packit Mod Bento boxes have leak-resistant dividers to keep viscous liquid from creeping into other sections – making them perfect for eaters who do not want their food to mix.