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Re-Play is a family-owned and operated company that specialises in environmentally-friendly tableware for babies and toddlers across the world. From tumbler cups to bowl sets, to a wide variety of baby-friendly plates — such as divided plates, flat plates, deep wall plates, and more — Re-Play offers simple yet sophisticatedly designed tableware solutions that make mealtimes with your little ones mess-free, safe, and convenient. 

Buy Re-Play cups, divided plates, flat plates, deep wall plates, and other tableware products at Mothercare Singapore, your leading global baby retailer for all parenting and baby gifting needs.

Re-Play Cups, Plates, and Other Tableware Products

After hitting the six-month mark, your baby is likely ready to begin the weaning process and learn how to feed themselves. While heartening to witness, this stage of your little one’s growth journey can entail some unique challenges between your child and an enjoyable and successful self-feeding process. But fret not. At Mothercare Singapore, our line-up of Re-play products offers simple yet innovative feeding solutions in the form of top-quality tableware developed with the influence of parents and caregivers.

Available in a variety of fun and vibrant colours — such as Sunny Yellow, Navy Blue, Kelly Green, and Bright Purple — our Re-play cups, tumblers, flat plates, divided plates, deep wall plates, and other tableware are made to be durable, safe, and eco-friendly. Free from BPA, PVC, phthalate, and melamine, Re-Play’s affordable recycled plastic feeding products can help your child better learn how to eat independently and are also microwave - and dishwasher-safe to facilitate greater convenience. 

Buy Re-play tableware products from Mothercare Singapore today, and enjoy free next-day delivery for orders above $60. You can also check out our full range of fine baby tableware at Mothercare Singapore, or engage our Digital Nursery Advisors (DNA) via WhatsApp for a complimentary consultation if you need help on choosing the right baby and maternity essentials for you and your child. 

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At Mothercare Singapore, we understand how challenging it can be to get baby products you can trust. That is why we are constantly sourcing the best baby and maternity essentials brands in the industry that have proven to be credible. On top of Re-Play products, we offer plenty of other items to meet any and all of your parenting needs. Shop our full range of baby brands at Mothercare Singapore today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mothercare Singapore’s Re-Play Products

1. Can I place Re-Play deep wall, divided,
or flat plates in the microwave for cooking?

While Re-Play deep wall, divided, and flat plates are microwave-safe, we recommend only using them to heat up your food in short 20-second bursts. For cooking and the like, use more suitable utensils before letting the food cool slightly and transferring to Re-Play products for serving.

2. Where are Re-Play products made?

All our Re-Play products at Mothercare Singapore are made in the USA and inspected in the same warehouse to ensure the highest standards for safe use, durability, and overall quality.

3. What are my purchasing options for Re-Play products
from Mothercare Singapore? 

At Mothercare Singapore, there are three main ways you can buy your desired Re-Play products: