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From the newborn to toddler stages, your child will experience many new things within his first year of life. As a new parent, this process can be extremely rewarding but daunting. From trying to get your baby to sleep soundly, to wrestling with food options, you may discover many challenges along the way.

At Mothercare, we want to help you navigate this complex parenting journey. With Stokke, you’ll discover new ways of bonding and experiencing life with your little one.

Purposeful Designs for Families

A comfortable sleeping space can help your baby sleep better and sounder. Stylishly designed and with useful features, the Stokke Sleepi Mini is a cozy crib that is aimed to induce a restful sleep and offers convenience for the caregivers. You can also easily convert it into a toddler bed with an additional extension, allowing it to grow with your child. To complete your nursery, look for complementary accessories like the Stokke Home Dresser, which gives you easy access to all the newborn essentials.

Once your baby is ready to move on to solids, you can consider transferring him into a secure chair during mealtimes. High chairs allow you to interact with your child at eye level and give him a space to explore and play. With a classic design that never goes out of style, the Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair allows for multiple height adjustments - making it easier for your child to eat comfortably.

Creating a nursery for your baby or teaching your child to self-feed need not be a complicated affair. Stokke’s innovative products grow with your child, offering a comprehensive solution for your evolving needs. Here, you can easily find high-quality strollers, nursery furniture and bath essentials like Stokke bath tubs and accessories that provide superior functionality so you can spend more time bonding with your little one. Designed with high-quality durable materials, Stokke products are made to last a lifetime.

Need help choosing the right equipment for your baby? Book an appointment with our nursery advisors to seek expert guidance to help you make the best decision for your baby today. Or sign up for a free Mothercare membership to receive vouchers and other perks, and enjoy greater value and savings today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Stokke Baby Essentials

1. How do I know if my baby is ready for a high chair?

First, is your child able to sit up on his own? Does he show any interest in eating from bowls or plates? These are some good indicators that your child is at that stage to gain more independence with food intake. Especially if your child is above the age of 6 months old, he or she will be ready for this next milestone of using a Stokke high chair during mealtime. The best part about Stokke high chairs is, they are easily convertible and can adapt to your child’s changing needs - your child will never outgrow it ever.

2. What else can I purchase from Stokke?

On top of Stokke high chairs, you will also find a wide range of strollers as well as cot accessories, beds and mattresses for your baby’s crib when browsing Stokke products on our website. Simply browse and shop online to get your Stokke products delivered to your doorstep or visit any of our Mothercare outlets today.

3. What other baby products does Mothercare carry?

As your one-stop shop for all your baby needs, Mothercare houses baby-related necessities such as quality clothing for girls and boys, bath essentials and many more. With over 450 brands and 10,000 products, you’ll effortlessly find all that you need here, starting with your must-have Stokke high chair.