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Educational Toys For Toddlers

Not only do our toddler toys keep your little ones entertained, they also shape and nurture cognitive and sensory development early. Keeping your toddlers engaged for long periods of time can be a challenging task, especially for new mothers keeping pace with busy schedules.

The market for toddler toys can be saturated but by picking the best toys, you can effectively keep your young ones entertained and stimulated in the right ways. Mothercare houses the best toddler toys across global brands, perfect for your little ones to learn and play.

Using Toddler Toys To Learn

First and foremost, toddler toys need to be made from safe materials as young ones do tend to place their toys into their mouths or chew on parts. The best educational toys for toddlers are ones that specifically match their developmental stages and varying needs.

● Young infants: The best toys for infants are those that are visually appealing. Bright colours and images are encouraged. Additionally, because babies can reach for things, make sure your little one has enough stimulation from biting, holding, sucking, and making noise with. Rattles, squeeze toys, and teething toys work fantastically.
● Older toddlers and preschoolers: Being able to walk and ask questions, toddlers need to be stimulated differently. Make sure to get toys that have interesting pictures, puzzles, and problems to solve. These toddler toys can help encourage thinking patterns from an early age.

Snap Up Cool Toddler Toys By Mothercare

Shopping for educational toys for your toddler doesn’t have to be difficult. From well-made baby bodysuits to nursery activity essentials, Mothercare has all your baby needs sorted.

Complement your purchases with a set of cool toddler toys for your little one to play and learn with! By spending above $60, you get to enjoy free delivery anywhere within Singapore. Alternatively, you can choose to pick it up in-store at any of our outlets.