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Expand Your Child’s Imagination Through Pretend Play

Who says unstructured playtime is just a sheer chance for your little ones to have fun? Not us! At Mothercare, we see playing as a serious business. A meaningful outlet to enhance social, emotional and cognitive skills, playtime lays the groundwork for many areas of your children’s growth and development.

Our children are natural-born storytellers. Their inherent creativity capacity is a wonder to behold. When they pretend that they are a chef, a firefighter or immerse themselves in silly scripts while showcasing multiple personalities with their toys, they’re actually innovating, experimenting and firing their boundless imagination. How your children interact with the props also helps them learn a lot about themselves and the world around them. Pretend play can benefit your children in many ways – so never underestimate the power of one!

Savour the Moments & Watch them Blossom with Mothercare’s Pretend Play Toys

If you have kids that love to engage in pretend play, you’re at the right platform! With Mothercare Singapore, there’s a whole world of pretend play available for your precious ones. Let their imagination run wild with our vast collection of pretend play toys – ranging from school and kitchen sets to doll houses, animal figurines and more. Let the fun begin!

Frequently Asked Questions About Mothercare’s Pretend Play Toys

What are the best pretend play toys for young toddlers?

In their toddler years, your little ones will start to mimic ordinary, everyday activities and actions of their mummy and daddy, marking the first step towards symbolic play. During this phase, bright-coloured and easy-to-manoeuver toys that resemble real-life objects - like little cars and dolls - are the best for your children.

What are the best pretend play toys for preschoolers?

When your children enter preschool, be prepared to usher in a new era of pretend play. Playtime will become a lot more complex and high-level. To facilitate quality dramatic play, spark your preschooler’s fantasy world with costumes like police uniforms or turn them into heroes and heroines.

Can I order the pretend play toys online and collect them in-store?

Of course, simply opt for click & collect upon checkout and select the nearest store for self-collection.